Pink is Evil


I have a thing on pink color. I dislike pink but I still own some pink things.
I don't like pink but I still love how it makes me so girlish wtf.
I can instantly become a lady with pink outfit, like this.
Urgh, dilemma on this love-hate relationship with pink.

I do like pink somehow, because I have a small pinkish pillow with me ever since I'm a toddler.
I named it Pinky. Here I am, showing you my precious. And mom, please do not threaten me to throw Pinky away, I can't sleep without it. NO IT DOESN'T HAS ANY STAIN! (Self-comforting)

I can hardly find any pink items in my house except for few pieces of few clothes but somehow, I like pink. I like pink because it can portray feminine personality. Oh well, that is my perception towards pink color. You know, pink color actually matches well with dark color like this.
Jeng Jeng Jeng, black outfit with a pink Samsung Note II. GOT LADY FEEL OR NO?

Oh yes, you see it right. Samsung came out with PINK Samsung Note II. Such a lovely color isn't it? I thought myself wouldn't love the phone but surprisingly, the pink on Samsung Note II is so lovely. I couldn't stop holding the phone lol.

The 1.9 MP front camera does make a difference compared to 1.3 MP front camera. I can clearly see my blackheads and scars wtf. However, it is pretty fun to self-capture with front camera, along with such a huge screen. Screen! Bigger! Grow bigger!

I guess I like how smooth this phone is reacting to me. Ok la, I'm holding a BB now and sometimes it lags so badly that I want to smash it with my head. The 1.6GHz Quad Core processor with 2GB RAM reacts almost instantly with no waiting time at all.

Feel so tempted to get one liao. Hmmmm.. Ok la, I got tempted with the speed. Or I wouldn't mind someone else sponsor me one TEEHEE. Anyway, you can always feel free to molest this baby pink Samsung Note II at the following outlets:
  • Samsung 1 Utama
  • Samsung KLCC
  • Samsung The Gardens
  • Samsung Mid Valley
Check out on these website for latest updates too

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  1. When I saw the small picture of your pillow I thought the Koala was a drool stain. =X

  2. awww! i should have waited for pink note II!! regretted of buying it so fast!! =X

  3. lol. yerrr so many ppl molested that pink note ad i dowan. i want a new one. XD

  4. This phone is such an eye candy.. I'm a crazy fan of pink too.. from bag to bottle to blanket.. haha :)


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