[Review] ModBox February 2013


Hey ya, I am back in action lol. I know I have been away for too long but I just can't wait to share this love out. Maybe is a little late now but I guess it is ok because~ Sharing is caring (cheh). 
Well, I received my Modbox quite late for the month of February because I forgot to change the shipping address to my office one. Sigh. 
Moving on, if you are wonderingthe reason of me choosing Modbox instead of other beauty boxes, it simply because of its price. Modbox is the cheapest beauty box in town now. Check out my previous review HERE

For February edition, Modbox is using a red ribbon. 

Here is a little note from the Modbox crew to all the subscribers. And yeah, Modbox is having a Mod Review Program where you can receive a mystery gift in the next Modbox. Free gift yo!

And here you see, there are a total of 5 beauty products in the box. 

Juice Beauty | Beauty Clearing Serum RM 185 / 50ml
It helps to heal and hydrate your skin by purifying the pores, lighten scarring and soothing irritation caused by blemishes. 

SHAIRE London | Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume (Dry Shampoo) RM35.90 / 60 ml (Full size)
It washes, cleanse, conditions and revitalises your hair. What's more, this dry shampoo repairs and strengthens your hair roots. What you need to do is, Spray the shampoo onto your hair and massage it evenly. 

Perkins | Nail Wrap RM39.90 / 20 strips per pack (Full size)
Have problem to apply your nail polishes? Fear not, just wrap these cute designs onto your finger with three simple steps! Peel, apply and file it. 

Essence | XXXL Nudes Lipgloss (05 Forever Rose) RM 9.90 / 5 ml (Full size)
Moisturise the lips with Vitamin E and Panthenol without leaving behind a sticky feeling. 

Essence | Smokey Eyes Set (04 Show Off) RM11.50 / 3g (Full size)
Now there you go, a 2-in-1 smokey eyes set. This set comes with a cream eye-liner and a powder eye shadow that can make you go GaGa. 
Overall Rating: 
Honestly, although all of these products are not those high range products, Modbox gave 4 Full size products to the subscribers. It is too hard to find a beauty box which gives you more than 3 full size products. I guess most of the people would feel the same as me: paying low price to get good products instead of samples. 
Personal Favourite: Essense XXXXL Nudes Lipgloss

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