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You can slowly browse all the cards for your own interest.
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Player can slot and equip up to 5 different cards in the character card slot window. The character will then attain the stats based on those cards. The only disadvantage for this card system is that, the slotted card will be destroyed if you upgrading to new cards. Basically, the card system is an add-on for the player to have higher stats.
There are a few ways to obtain the cards
  1. Hunt monsters and get from their loot
  2. Synthesize a stronger cards via Card Merchant NPC
  3. Buy them from Auction House 

For the players who reached level 50, I would suggest you to get 5 Scratch Thief Cards if you do not have extra money or time to get those "imba" cards. Get yourself more HP as you would not want yourself to get killed in raid dungeons. The damage deal on you can be deadly. Scratch Thief Cards are dropped by Looters at Road of Bless.

But if you think you HP is enough for you to survive in the raid dungeons, feel free to upgrade to your preferable cards. If you want to boost up your magic attack, you can feel free to hunt yourself Poisona Cards at Road of Bless.

How to use the cards
Drag the cards and slot them into your Character Card window. However, if you want to replace with new cards, the old cards will be destroyed.

Synthesize a stronger cards / Combine cards
You will need 5 different cards. One is the one you want to "upgrade" with four random cheap cards. You will get an error if you have same cards for synthesizing process. You will also not be able to synthesize with Normal+ cards.

Meet Card Merchant to buy Card Synthesizing stone. With this stone, you have 50% failing or obtaining new card. If you fail, all your cards will disappear.

For better outcome, use a Card Designated Synthesis as you will be able to see the final outcome and to protect your chosen card. In other words, you are able to keep your chosen cards if the synthesis fail. You can get the Card Designated Synthesis at Item Mall (2080 RO2 cash) or Auction House.

Wala! You obtained either a Normal+ or a Blue Card.

RO2 PVP & Colosseum
RO2 PVE Arena (Normal)
RO2 Garden of Baphomet

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