RO2 Garden of Baphomet (Normal)


TEEHEE, like finally I wrote a simple guide on clearing the Garden of Baphomet (Normal).
Well, the Hard one is more or less the same as the Normal one, with more skills and damage.
The guide below are my thoughts on clearing the dungeon .

Here is the recommended party members for a raid party (You can choose on your preferable combination).
1 Main Tank - Lure and get Threat/
1 Off Tank - Build up Threat from the Adds.
1 Sorceress - LOR, Deluge & DPS
1 Sorceress - LOR, Deluge & DPS
1 Priest - Heal, Renovatio on Main Tank & the rest
1 Priest - Heal, Renovatio on Off Tank & the rest
1 Ranger - AGI buff & DPS
1 Ranger - AGI buff & DPS
1 Rogue - Critical buff & DPS
1 Wizard - INT buff & DPS, AOE for Adds

Over view map for Garden of Baphomet

Minotaur Chung-I (Blue)
Minotaur Chung-I is located at the left chamber.
  • Blue Tornado - DOT damage, stay away from it.
  • AOE Smash Attack - Renovatio, Heal, LOR & Deluge.
  • Summon small lizard - Off tank lure it, DPS kill it.
  • Summon ally lizard - Let it help you to kill the boss lol.
  • Summon Red Bull - Off tank lure it. Down the Blue boss then kill the red bull.

Minotaur Hong-I
Minotaur Hong-I is located at the right chamber.
  • Red Whirlwind & Blur Tornado - DOT damage, stay away from it
  • Summon Savage babe - Kill all of them
  • Slow Attack - Decrease movement speed
  • Summon Blue Bull - Off tank lure it. Down the Red boss then kill blue bull

  • Adds on the map - Main tank stand at the gate while one lures Humbaba and the adds. Reset the adds while Main Tank build up Threat for Humbaba.
  • Hug Attack - Heal  Main Tank
  • Cursed Black Circle - Stay away from it
  • Silence Attack (Single target on AOE) - 
  • Red Wave - Main Tank make sure the boss face you, the rest should face behind Humbaba
  • Summon Deviruchi - Off Tank, DPS clear it ASAP
  • Entrap - Bind the main tank for 5 seconds, Heal and Assumption your Main Tank

  • Adds referring to Blue Bull & Red Bull.
  • One lures Baphomet and the adds to reset Baphomet. Main tank and off tank to gain Threat from Blue & Red Bull.
  • DPS the bulls. Heal, Renovatio, Deluge the tanks and the rest.
  • After killing the adds, Main Tank gain Threat from Baphomet
  • Scythe Attack - Renovatio & Heal Main Tank
  • Black Whirlwind - DOT damage. Stay away from it.
  • Lord of Vermillion (Blue AOE) - Single Target. Stay away from comrade. Priest Renovatio the target. 
  • Summon Baphomet JR - Off Tank lure them. DPS them ASAP. 
  • Summon Vegence Hollow - Off Tank lure it and DPS it
  • Death Scythe Attack - Targets on second/third highest Threat player. Stay away from your comrades. Renovatio the target.

  • Always prepare Red pots and do not expect the healers can heal you every second. Pot yourself when necessary. 
  • Priest - Assign one priest to focus on healing Main tank. always keep yourself at full HP. Pot when necessary.

RO2 Randon Hard Mode Dungeon (RHM)
RO2 Power Up

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