[Review] Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream


Disclaimer: The product was given by OnlyBeauty for review purpose. The Review is written based on personal opinion and experience.

I was a BB Cream lover until I had severe skin problem and I had to stop using BB Cream. I was afraid to use BB Cream due to my sensitive skin until I assured my skin condition has became better. I wasn't convince by those Korean BB Creams because my skin was once "destroyed" by E brand BB Cream LOL. So I chose to use Sunscreen to substitute BB Cream as it does not cause any breakout till now. By the way, the sunscreen I'm referring is SF Beauty Perfect Glow Sunscreen.

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream comes with only two shades, Fresh and Natural. The one given to me is Natural and the color blended quite ok with my skin tone. I found the word "Kuning Langsat" is funny LOL. 

The texture is quite watery and I  do not need much to cover the whole face. 

8 benefits from using Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream
                                                         ♥ Brightens skin
                                                          Evens the skin tone
                                                          Smoothes the skin
                                                          Conceals imperfections
                                                          Reduces skin redness
                                                          Minimizes the pore appearance
                                                         ♥ Moisturizes the skin
                                                          Protects the skin with SPF 26 PA+++

Here is a SUPER BIG HEAD of mine. 
I would use a wet beauty sponge and pat all over my face with BB Cream. I prefer using this method because it wouldn't make my face looks cakey and looks like I'm applying an Opera makeup.

Here's a picture of before and after I applied the BB Cream.
It did its wonder by brightening my face a little, concealed my dark circles as I wished and my skin looked healthier.

Price: RM 22.90
Product Brand: Maybelline
Purchase: Nope. Although I love the coverage on my scars and dark circles, my face would actually look dull throughout the day. At the end of the day, I feel the stickiness and oiliness on my face. It blends easily onto my skin as it promised but it doesn't help me to look fresh after half day has gone. 

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  1. i am actually using this. so far i quite likey it le...usually i will apply a make up base before bb cream. and it stays on for the whole day. of course blotting needed too throughout the day...

    1. I see. Maybe the makeup base does help a lot to let bb Cream stay on the face. Will try it next time

  2. me like this too.. but i realised if i dun put thin layer of loose powder, it will turn oily after some time.. my skin somehow become oily lately.. used to have super dry skin.. dunno good or bad.. >.<

    1. For my case, if I were to put a thin layer of loose pwoder, my face will look cakey >.<

  3. Usually BB cream must top up with blusher n stuff. if not look very pale D: Btw...love your hair!

  4. i bought this,but dont have idea how to use it.i mean the true way. hahha dont laugh at me T__T


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