RO2 One Step Ahead for Culvert of Abyss (COA)


Here is a preview for the new dungeon (ahem, for me it is old dungeon because there is a newer dungeon wtf).

Culvert of Abyss (COA) is located north field of Verta Delta, which is located at the west side of Alberta City. Players who reached level 50 can enter the dungeon by completing a series of certain quests. The guide below was refer to here.

From then, players can enter the dungeon by proceeding through the connected quest by NPC Brueghel, which is located in front of Divided Plain field hunter office.

I know some of you might skip side quests so here is a series of quest you will have to complete in order for you to enter Culvert of Abyss.

Go to Fountain Town at Divided Plain. Talk to a NPC named Brueghel.
Quest name: Rising Threat

Travel to Alberta and talk to Trade Master Onasis, located at the central of the town, within a house.
Quest name: Secret of the Lord

Head on to Verta Delta and meet up with Heinz Stobere, located near the entrance of Culvert of Abyss.
Quest name: The Tight Doors of the Abyss

Moving on~ Travel to Sogratt Dessert and talk to Gongurat.
Quest name: A Key to Open Darkness

Take the quest from Alex, the Repair Expert.
Quest name: [Daily] The Hardest Metal in the world

Enter 2 Hard Dungeons and kill the last boss to pick up a Brygan Ore.
Dungeons Suggested: Low level dungeons

Return to Alex and complete the quest at Sogratt Desert or Road of Bless. A Refined Brygan will be given and that is one of the key to enter COA. I am not quite sure whether this daily quest can be repeated and the Brygan Quest can be done one day. Or else, the proper way to obtain 3 Refined Brygan should be using 3 days.

Talk to Gongurat at Sogratt Desert to complete the quest and get rewarded with the Key of Abyss.
Quest name: Key Delivery

Head back to Verta Delta and meet Heinz Stobere to complete the quest. A quest will be given and you are off to go into the COA.
Quest name: [Dungeon] Test of Will

In order for you to enter Culvert of Abyss [Hard], You will have to complete the Test of Will quest by collecting 30 Victory Points (II) and giving them to Heinz Stobere. The points will disappear when the quest is completed.

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