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I had this idea of scheduling a Nom Nom Journey with le boyfie since both of us were getting boring to stay at home for the weekend. So I did a small research on the cafe or restaurant near to Nadeje PJ. That was how I got to know about icook Italian Gastronomia.
We were served for this complimentary bread and special-made sauce as starter. The bread was suppose to add on flavour by dipping your bread into the mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with some herbs for richer flavour. The bread looked thick however, it was light and fluffy when I first tasted it. This combination has definitely won my heart compared to Pita bread with olive oil.

Warm Water (RM 0.70) & Sprite RM (4.90)

Cappuccino (Large) RM 15.90
The one at the left is huge, really huge. It is another ordinary Cappuccino. No hard feelings, I still think the best Cappuccino is with DOME.

Peppermint Tea (Hot) RM 7.90

Rustico Panini RM 19.90

Spaghetti Carbonara Bacon RM 24.90
I have to say this is excellent. The creamy sauce paired with sliced bacon definitely brought out an Italian taste. The spaghetti was perfect at its tenderness, not too hard nor too soft. It was fun to slurp in the spaghetti. 

Lasagna Classica RM 26.90
Perhaps this is the cheesiest lasagne I have ever had. Different layers of ingredient and sauces satisfied my taste bud. It did not taste sourish as it seems as the tomato sauce mixed well with the meat. 

Perugia (Beef) RM 16.90
Mandallian of ground beef, roasted garlic, beef bacon, tomato, red onion, basil, aglio oglio sauce and Parmesen Cheese. 

Palermo (Lamb) RM 17.90
Medallion of minced lamb, goat's cheese, basil pesto, fresh aregano & basil, tomato & Parmesan cheese.
Le boyfie and I ordered this and he loves it so much, while I'm the one cannot take in the goat's cheese. Anyway, according to le boyfie, the lamb did not has distinct smell and it paired well with a bite of pickle. The potato wedges were best consumed when  it were still hot. 

Pistoia (Lamb) RM18.90
Italian Lamb sausage, melted fantina cheese, roasted bell pepper, sundried tomato, mint sauce & Parmesan cheese

Verdict: It was fun to hang around in icook Italian Gastronomia in a rainy day with the relaxing ambient. The gourmet served purely blown my mind as I could really felt myself in Italy. The rich flavour for the gourmet was well controlled by Chef Nicola. By the way, Chef Nicola is the owner for icook Italian Gastronomia and he is friendly to the extent of serving us with his heart.  

icook Italian Gastronomia
Jalan 19/1, B-06-01,
Block B, 3 Two Square,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7960 1691

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