Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station


It was another fine day where Kiss Me launched its Mobile Makeup Station across the main cities such as Klang Valley, Penang and Ipoh. It was also the day where Kiss Me launched two new products under Heroine Make series: Brown Long & Curl Mascara and Brown Volume & Curl Mascara. 

Nice decoration right? The words were arranged by using pink balloons (obviously). Scroll down for more surprises. 

Two hunks were walking out from the truck and a pretty princess was escorted by them. Well, those two Mascaras holding by the guys are the newly launched Brown Mascaras. 

Sayaka Kondo, a Japanese Guru that flew all the way from Japan to show us the latest makeup trend in Japan. Of course, we have our Malaysia 2013 GT Queen, Juli. Both of them were being so professional even though they had to stay under the hot sun. Believe me, the weather was insane. 

Heading into the truck, the first thing that comes into your sight are the hot sellers for Kiss Me Products. 
Ladies, look at the shelf, you can get all your surprises here.

Remember the two newly launched Mascaras I've mentioned earlier? Here's an sneak peak of them. 

A schedule for all of you to catch up with the Makeup Station. 
Remember to check out Kiss Me Facebook for the latest updates!

A little Selfies here. Can't help but to take pictures with the one I've met. 
Hi Ah Pond, finally we've met.

This is Emily, a really sweet blogger who blogs at 马来的生活。One of the fewer Chinese Blogger that I've met so far. 

This is someone who surprises me a lot with all the OOTD. She would have a different shade of color on her lips every time I sees her, and she is Yukiko

We've met a few times, and the few times we've met did not get us the chance to take a photo of us. Thank you for all the opportunities you gave, Don

Lastly, a photo of All of us!

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