[Review] MIVVA May Beauty Box 2013


Hello people, I know it is a little too late to ask this, but still I have to ask, how was your Mother's Day?
Mine was terrific, except the weather was a little too hot. 
I got shocked when MIVVA sent me a Mother's Day beauty box, which is perfectly fine for my mom as a  gift. I love their April Beauty Box, you can read the review here

Here are some cards and vouchers included in MIVVA May Edition Box. 
  • Yellow Mother's Day Card
  • Complimentary 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy by Mary Chia worth RM 400
  • RM 20 discount voucher on Antipodes & NVEY Eco products
  • 20% Discount Voucher on Nature's Lab products
  • Purchase 6 Jojo E (32ml) and get 1 bottle FREE by 21 December 2013

Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
It gives me an ice lemon tea kind of scent and I love it LOL. It gives an relaxing feeling after using it because of its aroma scent. 

Garden of Eden Jojo E Streatch Mark, Dry & Itchy Skin Serum
It helps to reduce the stretch marks and moisturise dry skin. Besides, it also helps to soot irritated and itchy skin. Another usage of this serum is to prevent hair loss during pregnancy. Massage onto the scalp and leave it overnight before shampooing hair on the very next day. 
One single drop from the serum is more than enough to cover the back of my palm. It is a little oily hence it is not suitable to put on the face. After all, it is suitable for pregnant ladies to reduce their stretch marks. I do hope this works like magic on my pair of legs as my skin is quite dry and flaky. 

Claire Organics Guinness Stout
It helps to revitalize your skin and suitable for those who has skin acne problems. 
I love the fresh scent of it. Unlike any other soups on the shelf, this one has a strong yet natural scent on my hand. I got another Claire hand soap from ModBox

O'slee Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder
Mix the powder with few drops of water. Gently massage onto the face and rinse with water. 
This is rather a cute one. I have never see a cleansing powder before. What amazes me is the cleansing power lol. It cleanses my face like a normal cleanser would work. 

AUPRES Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum
AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
An exclusive invitation for 10-minutes Facial massage and 3 pieces of samples upon a personalised skin consultation 
The sleeping mask has a really light texture and unlike the previous sleeping mask I've tried on, this one does not leave a sticky and oily feel on the skin. There are tiny particles which you need to massage until it is fully absorbed into your skin. 

Somang Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Line Cream
Well, I would like my mom to use it and see how it goes. The creative artwork on the sachets caught my attention with the before(left) and after(right) pictures. 

A rose pattern English Tea cup. Well, my mom loves it so much and even asked me where to get a set of it LOL. A very cute yet lovely English Tea cup for the ladies, MIVVA sure understands what a mom wants. 

Overall Rating:★★★★✰
I got surprised to the max when the parcel was sent to my office. I have no idea MIVVA team will sponsor me another beauty box again. In conjunction of Mother's Day, MIVVA team tailored the beauty box dedicated to moms. It is definitely a good gift for my mom because I have ran out of ideas for Mother's Day gifts. 
Personal Favourite
AUPRES Aqua Sleeping Mask. I have heard about AUPRES from Jess and the comment from her was really good. I do not like sleeping mask because I do not like the greasy feeling to be left on my face the entire night. The sleeping mask from AUPRES somehow changed my thoughts on sleeping masks and convinced me to use sleeping masks again. 

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