Why I want a Havaianas!


I have trouble typing Havaianas because there are too many As in a word. Either I typed it into "Havainas" or "Havainanas", yeah I know, I should learn to spell it correctly. Just a side note, everytime I passed by Havainas shop, I would stare into the stores till I'm satisfy, do you want to know why? Just say you want to know ok? I know you are bored enough to read my blog LOL. Well, I would stare into Havaianas shop because I want a pair of it. The flip flops are awesome lor. Come, let me tell you the reasons.

#1 Rainbow colors!
See! Who doesn't love rainbows? Havaianas sandals are colorful and evil, just like Nyan Cat over here. I am listening to the Nyan Cat song while I'm blogging about this entry wtf. Sinful right? Yet addictive. 
Basically, I love ALL the Rainbow Sandals from Havaianas! Doesn't it look lovely? All of these colorful sandals can keep my mood at the best! Well, I say colorful things can make people happy~

#2  Havaianas is not just a pair of Flip Flop
Hello, don't treat this like those ulu-ulu kind of slipper hor. You have no idea how great it is. If I have a pair of Havaianas flip flop, I would definitely wear it to wherever I go, including to my workplace and shopping centres. You see, wearing shoes to work can cause your foot to be smelly and I bet MOST of you are facing it. So, why not just wear a stylish flip flop to work? It's not harming your leg and eyesight ma. As for the shopping, I prefer to try on new shoes if I am wearing a pair of flip flop. It is much more convenient when I am trying out new shoes. Comfortable?Of course! Havaianas has it all~ 

#3 I've never own a pair of Havaianas flip flop before
Sad hor? I used to think flip flop can be bought from anywhere, very cheap ma. But then I realized, the cheaper a flip flop, the lousier it is. I missed count my spoiled flip flops lol. The recent one, I don't even wear it quite often because I stay at home almost everyday. Actually, I am afraid I'm going to tear my flip flop again. I believe in Havaianas flip flops because I heard my friend wore it for like, 2 years? And it is still wearable. So, a pair of Havaianas for me please?
Hmmm... I should be giving one last reason on my reason wanting a pair of Havaianas. 

#4 Because I can make le boyfie jealous on my Havaianas. 
I still can remember how he wanted a pair of nice flip flop from Havaianas. He asked me several times whether he should get it but at the end, he refused to get it. No idea why but if I were to get a pair of Havaianas Flip Flop, I would want to lan si him~ MUAHAHAHAHA. I can foresee my feet shine bright in front of him like a diamond wtf. 

Havaianas has a lot of interesting flip flops and sandals. Check out their latest collections at

Well, you can have a pair of Havaianas flip flop just like I do. *grin*
Hop onto The Butterfly Project to check it out.
Let's join the party!

Till then~

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