An Encounter with Brown Color


Phew, after a long rest in home town, I am back to KL again. So, what did you do over the weekend? I had some fun time back in Malacca with my cousins, and to celebrate my mom's birthday. 
While everyone is having their Monday Blues, I was quite a scumbag and woke up at the noon, and had one of the Malacca's best food, Big Bowl Ice.
Though you might see various colors in my blog, I prefer my clothes to be in plain colors, such as black, white, brown and beige. One of my favourite color is brown. I like it because it gives me an elegance yet sophisticated feel.

This little guy named Dexy. I'm not sure of someone else, but this boy looks simple but no, he is a complicated child. He knows you are taking his photos but he wouldn't want to pose for you. He knows you are calling his name but he would purposely walk away from you. So, little brown furball, can you be a little simpler?

Next on, I would like you to join my feast, the chocolate feast. Who doesn't love chocolates here? They are sweet but evil. But then, when you put one of these into your mouth, you will feel the warmness, and being touch to eat these little chocolates. Ok, maybe I exaggerate too much, but I feel touch and happy for eating chocolates, especially the dark chocolates.
I came across of this fact, whereby using Brown eyeliner or other brown makeup can achieve a more comforting and natural look. I prefer using brown eyeliner as it promised, I do look more natural, especially with my skin tone color.

Last but not least, an Amber Brown Samsung Note II by Samsung. 
I realized people nowadays can't leave home without their phone. People have phones in their hands at any time and anywhere. People has become so dependent on phones for daily activities. Well, I'm pretty sure a Quad-core Processor with 1.6GHz CPU Speed enables you to multitask and perform at its best to answer your requests. So, Candy Crush anyone?

Check out this awesome device at Samsung Website.
Amber Brown as new featured color is not bad after all, with its glossy and shinning surface.

Do check out on this video. A touching story is told without words. 

Ok, signing off with a slightly brown hair with brown eyeliner, and brown contact lens if you can spot it lol. Till then, ciao~

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