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Yay! Le boyfie has back and we dated out for dinner at Ben's wtf. I have always love the food in Ben's because they taste awesomely good. I paid a visit to three of the outlets and I must say I love the KLCC ones more. Anyway, I had my dinner at Pavilion this time. There will always be a long queue at peak hours but still, we managed to find seats for a pair of two. 

Crab meat Linguine Puttanesca RM 25.90
Robust tomato sauce flovoured with anchovies, capers and chilli flakes. 
Ching! The crab meat was cooked till it melted in my mouth. It was delicious with a little sour taste from tomato and spiced the taste bud with the help of chilli flakes. 

Beef Lasagne RM 23.90
Layers of pasta, minced beef bolognese and cheese, baked till golden.
Layer upon layer of cheese pasta melted in the mouth, along with the minced beef. The combination of sweet  tomato and fresh minced beef lingered in the mouth for some times. The cheesy pasta that melted right away in the mouth gave a satisfaction when it melted in the mouth. 

Banana Peach Crumble RM 12.90
Minions love banana! Ok, I like the cinnamon crumbled part but not with the cake part. Though I like the banana taste but with the mixture of cinnamon, I got bored with it. However, mixing the cake with vanilla ice cream can help to spice up the taste bud a little. The cold ice cream and warm banana peach crumble tasted amazing in the mouth. Did I forgot to mention about the peach? No worries, the peach tasted well. I love the banana taste and combination of sliced peaches in the cake. 

Berry Pavlova Sandwich RM 13.90
Fresh mixed berries and cream sandwiched with meringue.
I will skipped the strawberries because no matter how sweet it is, I will say it is sour. My taste bud is a little weird you see. The blueberries were sweet though, with the raspberry sauce dipped around the meringue. The meringue did not melt in the mouth as I expected, however it was crispy and it was fun biting off a crispy meringue along with the whipped cream and raspberry sauce. I would say this is my second favourite dessert in Ben's because of the crispy meringue. 

Lychee Lime RM 9.90
Ok, I have no idea why le boyfie loves sour food because this is a super sour drink LOL. I couldn't have the second sip at all because of the lime juice. Well, as usual, boyfie said this was good. 

Ambiance: ★✰✰✰
Price: ★★✰✰
Food: ★★✰✰
I do no like the seats LOL. I was expected the seats were a lot more comfortable. Instead, we were given a pair of seats and a small table placed at the corner of Ben's. It wasn't a quiet area so I cannot lovey dovey with le boyfie LOL. In fact, i do not like noisy dining area, I can't rest myself to have a good dining experience. Nevertheless, the food was served at its best, especially the beef lasagne. It tasted better since my first visit to Ben's at KLCC.

Ben's @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Lot 6.11, Sixth Floor
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603- 2141 5290
Official Website
Facebook: The BIG Group

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  1. good food review. I haven't tried on Ben's before. but def a place to try out.

    1. Try on the dessert first XD. That is the first thing I would look for in Ben's XD

  2. Hehehe I think you're the only person I know that loves Ben's food :P I heard a lot of bad reviews about them and I didn't have quite a good experience with them either. But I love their desserts :P

    1. Hmm... Maybe the chef on that day is good LOL. And I haven;t get any bad service from them yet. I prefer the KLCC one. Love the cozy environment.


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