Caffeinees @ Ampang, Kampung Pandan Roundabout


No idea for your upcoming Father's Day? 
Why not check out on the promotion from Caffeinees? 
I brought my mom for a Mother's Day dinner and found out Caffeinees is having a great deal for Fathers and Mothers. 

The promotion is only applicable for Mother's Day and Father's Day only. 
This course only valid for Mother and Father.
Order any Main Course from the menu and FREE side dishes. 
Available for lunch(1PM - 3PM) and Dinner (6PM - 9PM)
White Dory Carbonara RM 21.00
My mom commented it was too creamy and she actually added some curry sauce to the fettuccine wtf. My mom has a weird appetite so please bear with it. This fettuccine dipped with white mushroom creamy sauce. The taste was common however the dory fish was the main killer. Dory fish was served at its best and melted in the mouth as soon as you put it into your mouth. 

English Breakfast Tea

Red Wine
Do not expect a premium red wine from this. Mom said the red wine was not soft, in fact the wine was dry as well. 

Mushroom Soup
I prefer this kind of mushroom soup. The richness of the mushroom flavour and creamy taste mixed well together. 

Light Cheese Cake
It wasn't as smooth as I thought. However, it has this rich and heavy cheese flavour that lingered in my mouth for some time. 

The Main Courses below are standalone dishes. 

Caribbean Fettuccine with Chicken RM 18.00
 I wasn't fond with the flavour. It wasn't match my taste bud though it has a richer flavour compared to White Dory Carbonara. The mushroom were nice though. The mushroom scent covered a little the Caribbean flavour. 

Black Pepper Chicken Chop RM 22.00 

Seafood Curry Spaghetti RM 18.00
Curry has added an exciting flavour for the tongue and the seafood has relatively added sweetness to the curry soup. The taste of the curry simply reminds me of the curry I had during my primary school, it is quite reminiscing to taste such curry again. 

Verdict: I would suggest all of you to make a reservation to sit inside the cafe. The weather was insanely hot and I was sweating non-stop throughout my dining experience. This is really bad, though the food was my appetite but the weather spoiled it all. The total bill cost not more than RM 100, which sounds good to me because you can't get such price in Caffeinees, with all the free drinks and dessert. It is not recommended to have your meal outdoor because of the Shisha smell. I assume you would want to have your meal without those smoky smell right? Unless you have your own reason of having your meal in a smoky environment.  

No. 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan,
 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: 03-9284 6686 
  Facebook: C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S

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  1. Slurpsssss I want the white dory carbonara! YUMYUM :D

  2. I cant eat when the place is too hot. I'll be sweating and wont be able to enjoy my food..

  3. Food looks good! Wanna try that Seafood Curry Spaghetti!

  4. hot yet ordered curry? hahaha but the prices seem fine for me, the chicken chop looks promising either

  5. yummmmmmyyyy!! now im hungry! the black pepper chicken chop!and the curry spaghetti! so special!


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