Few weeks ago I was announced as one of the winner for Cyber S'kin Gemstone Cell Care from SaSa Malaysia Facebook. It was a surprise because who would have known to be a winner among of all the commenter? I was more surprise when I received the parcel with one whole series of full sized Cyber C'kin Gemstone products. Thank you so much for having me as the winner to try on the new products. 

I found some useful info about Cyber C'kin Gemstone Cell Care from SaSa Malaysia Blog and here is what they said about it. 

Cyber C'kin Gemtone Cell Care contains pink and pearly white micro beauty beads with encapsulated radiance-boosting ingredients, which help to release constant nourishment and active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

There are three main ingredients for the micro beauty beads
PythoCellTec™ Argan
- Reduces wrinkles and tightens skin tissue
Cytokine Booster
- Stimulate collagen and regain skin's elasticity
6 types of Precious Gemstone Powder
- Pearl, Diamond, Tourmaline, Amber, Ruby and Coral Powder

Let's check out one by one for this series

GEMSTONE CC Foam Cleanser RM79.00 @ 180ml

A small amount of them would be enough to cover my whole face. It is easy to get foamy as you mixed the foam cleanser with few drops of water. It gives my skin a clean and refreshing feel. 

GEMSTONE CC Toner Essence RM79.00 @ 150ml

There are tiny little beads in the toner. You have to shake well before you use it. The micro beads will be flowing out if you shake them well. I though the toner would be sticky as you need to shake well to use it but surprisingly, it is watery and easy for the skin to absorb the essence. 

GEMSTONE CC Eye Contour Gel RM79.00 @ 20ml

It is watery so be careful when you squeeze them out. I couldn't see much difference around my eye area after using it. I think is because my dark circles are too serious to begin with, I couldn't see any brightening effects around my eye area LOL. However, I do feel the fine lines are lesser, not quite sure it is my illusion or the eye gel really works like a miracle. 

GEMSTONE CC Concentrate RM99.00 @ 30ml

You have to shake well before use, in order for the micro beads to distribute evenly in the bottle before you use it on your face. Next, the concentrate is in watery form but is neither sticky nor oily. The skin would absorb the concentrate faster than I thought. I can feel my skin is hydrating enough after applying this concentrate. 

GEMSTONE CC Hydrating Cream RM99.00 @ 50g

There are micro beads in the cream. Massage it onto the face until the micro beads are gone. I would feel my face to be sticky for instance however, my skin feels supple once the cream dried up. I love how my skin stays smooth and non sticky after applying this cream. 

GEMSTONE CC UV Cut Lotion SPF 40 PA++ RM89.00 @ 35ml

There is a little problem after I applied the sunblock, I couldn't apply my CC Cream or Primer evenly on my face. I used as little amount as possible for the Cc Cream and Primer but I can't seem to apply them evenly on my face, nor by using finger, brush or sponge. Even though I successfully apply my CC Cream and Primer evenly on my skin, it took about 10 minutes and it is time consuming. Nevertheless, the sunblock does brighten up my skin and prevent my face to look dull. 

Rating: ★★★★☆ 
Price: Total of the products cost RM  524.00
Product Brand: Cyber C'kin
 Purchase: I would not purchase all of them at once, got no money meh. Perhaps I would start to buy their Foam Cleanser first. The cleanser definitely can last longer than any other cleanser I had tried. I would then purchase the Hydrating Cream because I love its moisturizing effects which leaves the skin to be supple. 
Verdict: Nope, I will not have any before-after image for this because I wouldn't see much of the effects yet. Given 2 weeks to see any significance results would be too rush for me. 

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  1. CONGRATS girl! :D Well, maybe u can tell us hows the result after 3 months? :P

    1. Yeap. I'm going to do so so I will update this post after 3 months I guess LOL


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