Etude House Beauty BFF Party @ Korea Tourism Organization


Thank you so much for the invitation from Wai Yee and I got the chance to become a Korean (fake one).
It was a BFF Party where you bring along your best friend and share the happiness with Etude House (Camwhore la, eat nice food la, joke around la blah blah blah)
I feel bad for not updating this earlier, until I saw drafts in my dashboard and realized I missed out this event wtf. 

From left to right are Chibi Kah Mon, Tall Charmaine and le monster.
Before I'm going on with the pampering session, these were some of the newly launched products from Etude House. Sweet Recipe Collection is now available at every Etude House outlet. 

There is this makeup station with lots of makeup products in a box. I just like the whole set of this, it gives me an Hollywood star feel LOL. 

We had fun teasing each other while the makeup artist was putting makeup on us. You see this Kah Mon, trying hard not to listen to us but at the end also smiled. 

Pttf. I know, I look no difference with or without makeup. But I know I do look HUGE difference with or without spectacles. The makeup artist said my face is more suitable for those sweet and romantic makeup wtf.

Moving on, we pampered ourselves by moisturising our hands. Look at this Charmaine, enjoyable much?

These two products were used for our hands
Rich Butter Hand & Heel Cream
Rich Vitamin Hand Cream

All three of us then got ourselves to get painted beautifully on the nails. Stole this from Charmaine's Album because Kah Mon's nail polish was nicer LOL.

After we beautified ourselves, we had some Topokki before trying on the Hanbok. 

And here is a picture of how we look like for wearing Hanbok. I have no idea why I look like some "Ah Soh" (Aunty) for this set of Hanbok. 

All of get get ourselves a box of goodies. Thank you so much for the goodie bag. The loving thing is the blue nail polish. I don't have the urge to use it because my nails are short wtf.

Check out more interesting pictures in my Facebook Album HERE.

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  1. Wee~~~ You finally updated!! I love our group photo lor!


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