My Havaianas Experience and Giveaway


On a very fine day, before the haze intruded Malaysia, and before I update a little on my current status, I would like to say thank you so much to Butterfly Project for having me as one of the winners for a blog contest. The contest was held by Butterfly Project in conjunction with Havaianas Malaysia along with a Spa Party contest


To be frank, I blogged this contest for the very last minute and I could not expect I will win a pair of Havaianas Slipper. Maybe the judges was touched with my "lan si" boyfie reason LOL. 
Here are some collections showcased on the shelves. I love these colorful slippers but no, my prize wasn't from any from this range. 

According to the sales promoter, these slippers are having promotions now. It is located at the right side of the Havaianas store. 

I was a little upset because I was left with limited choices for the colors. I wanted to get the white one but it was out of stock pttf. Ended up I was left with Slim Metallic Silver and Slim Metallic Light Golden. Its ok, I will get myself to love of of them. 

Pardon for my ugly feet. I have no sense of modelling a pair of slippers LOL.

Slim Metallic Silver, how do I look with it? The girls who accompanied me said my foot looked darker if I were to wear the Slim Metallic Silver. 

Then they said my foot looked fairer with this color. I heard there are quite a few of the winners chose this. 

So the girls were sitting there looking at a siao po choosing a pair of slipper. 

And there you go, my first pair of Havaianas slipper, which I can "lan si" my boyfie for some time. But I doubt he will pay any attention to it. See, my over-excited expression LOL. In case you are wondering which pair of the slipper did I chose, I chose the-many-girls-chose-it-too slipper. 

Havaianas is giving away a limited edition of Havaianas 50 Anos.
Head on to their Twitter now and check out how an you win them.
Twitter: @MYHavaianas

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  1. lan si with your bf? hahaha enjoy your flip flop dear and see you this weekend <3

    1. :D Lan Si = showing off in Cantonese. Hehehe. Hope to see you this weekend too

  2. lol. how much is the price actually?

  3. yay! gonna go win some selipar jepun now! :P

  4. I kenot wear flipflops leh. I'm so short that I need a booster even in the playground :( Wearing flipflops makes me super, super short ppl might step on me >_<

  5. The price is killing! I wear fliper. XDD

  6. I also think you suit the Slim Metallic Light Golden one lo! Looks fair with that colour! So jelly with you all who won,HAHAHA, Congrats ya btw!


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