[Review] HiShop May Beauty Ambassador Pack


So, May has ended. I made a tough decision on May and I guess there isn't any turning point for me now. And yes, I believe the new path ahead me will serve me right. Apart of making a tough decision, I received a few good news too! 
#1 The Butterfly Project launched a spa party that is coming on June
#2 ModBox has revamp their business strategy
#3 Attended La Senza Body Kiss Blogger Launch party
#4 Had a great time meeting new friends at the Lilac Gathering
#5 Samsung Note II is in Brown color!

Well, there were more surprises, and most of them are out of my expectation. HiShop team mailed me a May Beauty Ambassador Pack and I am totally in love with this month's products. Do scroll down for the surprises.

Scent Affair Fragrant Bodywash - Sea Minerals & Mint 275 ml @ RM 7.80
  • A body wash with a scent of ocean waves, floral fragrance and cool mint. 
  • It is Anti-bacterial, moisturizing, has cooling effects and provide an energizing feel. 

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain (Nymphette) RM 80.00
  • Can be used on cheek and lips
  • Smudge the stain onto your cheek and lips. 
  • Long lasting effect.

It comes with a mirror.
The most important feature is, it is compact and can be fitted into the size of a palm. A simple lip stain with dual-functions is suitable for on-the-go purpose. 

Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun Puff Bronzer RM 89.00
  • Apply the bronze dust all over the face, legs, arms & neck. 
  • To highlight the features and give a sculpted and sun-kissed finish. 
  • Titanium Dioxide can help to protect the skin from harmful UV Rays.
This is a little weird for me because I've never use a bronzer before. I mean, I don't think I need to use a bronzer as I don't do heavy make up. It comes together with a huge puff, you can see it right HERE


Milkadeal 8% discount code: MAD 0613
Usable before 30 June 2013
Valid for multiple transactions

White MY 8% discount code: WHITE0613
Usable before 30 June 2013
Valid for multiple transactions

HiShop Cash Voucher RM 20 discount code: HS0613
Usable before 30 June 2013
Valid for multiple transactions

RM20 Rebate off for total purchase code: HISURPRISE
Minimum of RM 99 is required
Usable before 31st July 2013

Overall Rating: ★★★★✰
This month products featuring on the brand Jelly Pong Pong. I have 2 full sized products from Jelly Pong Pong and 1 full sized product from Scent Affair. Though I never heard of Jelly Pong Pong, and I think the brand name is quite catchy, it is worth to try on the lip stain. HiShop surprised me with 3 full sized products, well done on that. I realized the discount codes from the vouchers are reusable, which is a good motives to attract more people to browse on HiShop.

Personal Favourite
Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain. As I mentioned earlier, this product is useful for lazy people like me. I can use it for my cheek and lips whenever I want. Moreover, this doesn't take a lot of the bag's space. It is compact and comes with a mirror. Just a single swipe on the cheek and lips can make a difference to my daily look. And to your surprises, HiShop is having a Flash Sales for Jelly Pong Pong products. Hop over to HiShop and check them out~

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  1. So are you their beauty ambassador since they mailed you that pack? :)

    1. Couldn't say I am their beauty ambassador at all lol.

  2. Waa~ ah fu punya business big jo ho?? Very busy already oh??


    1. Mana ada big. U bigger lor. So busy on the Saturday

  3. Wow i want the bronzer !! Hahaha

  4. puff puff poof :p hehehehe the powder puff damn cute lo...jealous I want bronzer too :p

  5. i love that supermodel stain! berry highly pigmented! good stuff!

    1. Yea!, I tried it on and it was quite long lasting. :P

  6. yerr i like the bronzer weyyy!! T.T


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