[Review] Ishizawa Lovedrops Eyelush Curler Mascara (Enameled Black)


Disclaimer: The product was sponsored by Don and Yukiko from Manoah Consultancy. The review is written based on personal opinion and experience. 

Tada! Here is another review for newly found baby mascara: Ishizawa Lovedrops Eyelush Curler Mascara. Did I ever mention I love mascaras? Not only they can help to volume up my eyelashes, they can help to lengthen the lashes as well.
There is another reason on loving these mascaras, I hardly go to shopping malls without applying mascaras. I need not to apply eyeliner but I need to apply mascara. Mascara can help to widen up my small eyes one leh.

Ishizawa Lovedrops Eyelush Curler Mascara is one of the Japanese beauty cosmetics imported by J POP Corner. Girls who are madly in love with Japanese make up style can always check out on J POP Corner Facebook for their latest collections.

Ok cut it short, this is the mascara for today's review.

TEEHEE, actually this is the mascara.

Before I moving on with my review, let's take a look on the packaging.
It is a booklet design, with instructions on applying the mascaras. It reminds me of my schooling days, where I organized my papers or notes in the files. Pretty innovative on the design right?

#1 W-edge Comb applicator coats each lash from root to tip. Separate each lash and add volume to lashes.
As you can see, there are a full-comb feature for top lashes and a half-comb feature for lower lashes. 
This is quite unique as I seldom see this design in the market.
I have a little habit on smelling products so I smelled on this LOL. It has a lychee scent, and I kept smelling it until I smudged my nose with its tip. 

#2 Curls lashes without using an eyelash curler with curling ingredients. 
Well, I am not quite sure about this one because it did not curl my lashes as it promised. But I have to say this lengthen and thicken my eye lashes. Just a small advice here, use the eyelash curler for better result. Though  it says can avoid clogging of lashes but the first coat of mascara clumped my eyelash.

#3 Tear proof. High resistance to tears but can be easily removed with lukewarm water.
This is magnificent LOL. Initially I wanted to test on water resistance but I accidentally removed the whole patch of mascara on my hand with water. 

Then I moved on to test on the tear resistance and surprisingly it did not smudge. As you can see at the image below, there was nothing on the tissue. 

Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: RM 78.90
Brand: Ishizawa
Where to purchase: Selected SaSa and Watsons outlet
Facebook: J Pop Corner
☑ Can be removed with just warm water
☑ Thicken and lengthen eyelashes
☑ Tear resistance
☑  Has sweet lychee scent 
☑ Unique booklet packaging

☒ Does not have much curling effect
☒ Takes some times to dry on the mascara
☒ Clumps a little on the mascara

Nah lai, signing off with my naked face and drawn mascara.

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  1. will this mascara flakes after long hours?

    1. Nope. But it will have a lot of flakes when you are removing it LOL. But it is easy to remove too.


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