RO2 Culvert of Abyss [Normal]


Here is a guide provided by the developers, to help the players have an idea on the bosses attack and so on.
Culvert of Abyss Guide from RO2

Raid members are advised to have at least 6500 HP and above as the damages deal from the bosses can have you K.O with just one hit.
Whenever facing a wide coverage AOE, Priests are advise to use Aspersio > Sactuary within 3 seconds before the boss casts AOE.
Always remember to POT yourself as the healers might not be able to heal you. Healers are busy to heal the tanks and themselves. As usual, Sorceress are advised to use LOR at all times.
After the patch on 16th May 2013, Players who enter COA dungeon will be buffed extra 3000 HP while fighting the monster in the dungeon.
Rockstar Heroes
Tips: Ranged DPS should be standing at the right corner near to the drain or river. Melee DPS and tanks should be tanking a little in front of the ranged DPS. MT taunt Piani and starts DPS it. DPS clear adds. When Piani is about to die, taunt Vocali. DPS clear adds. Before Vocali dies, taunt Guitari and DPS it near Guitari.

  • Cloud - Painful damage, could easily die with 3 hits. Stay away from it.
  • Stun - Cast on random target. Heal him.
  • Red AOE - Always have your tank to face it away from the DPS. Priest heal the Main Tank.
  • Blue AOE - Wide coverage, DPS stay together with healers. Main healer heal Main Tank. The other healers Deluge or Sanctuary.
  • Bleeding - DOT damage. Keep Land of Recovery (LOR) at all times.
  • Red AOE - Same as the AOE from Piani
  • Blue AOE - Same as the AOE from Piani
  • Red lightning AOE - It will mark on a person and that person need to stay away from the DPS. The area for the marked person will have red lightning formed on the floor. Stay away from it
  • Red AOE - Same as AOE from Piani
  • Blue AOE - Same as Piani

Golden Robberbug - Rage time: 10 minutes
Tips: Range DPS - Kill the eggs at the four corners of the room before going after The Golden Robberbug. Main Tank lure the Robberbug to the end of the room (12PM direction) and DPS it. 
  • Poison Puddle - Stay away from it
  • White Tornado - Summon tornadoes that deals deadly damages. Stay away from it.
  • Robberbug Beam - Deals damage to whoever that stays in front of it. Stay away from it.
  • Robberbug Slam - Boss will jump and slam onto the ground. It is unavoidable and dealing damage to the players. DPS and Healers stay close together. Sorceress LOR at all times.
  • Thief Wing Ally - Adds. Clear them.

Mini Mongi - Rage time: 10 minutes
Tips: Destroy all the speakers and DJs before heading for Mini Mongi as they will buff the Mini Mongi. 
  • Mic Throw - DOT AOE Damage. Ranged DPS stays together for LOR healing, Priests Renovatio the tankers and melee DPS. 
  • Guitar Toss - Stuns and hits a random target
  • Mini Mongi Beam - Damage deals who stands in front of it. Stay away from it.
  • Purple Circle - Silences those who stays inside the circle. Stay away from it. 
  • Eardrum Damage Debuff - Tanker who accumulating 2 debuffs should beware of the third debuff as it will instantly kill the Main tank. Off Tank should start to take over the Main Tank's threat after Main Tank has accumulates 2 debuffs.
Tips: Destroy All the Seal Stones and the monsters around them Main Tank lures it to one corner and always avoid the Straight Red AOE face the DPS and healers. 
  • Poison Breath - DOT damages on the targeted area. Renovatio and heals those who got affected. 
  • Poison Whip (Red AOE) - Huge damage and DOT damages. DPS and healers stay away from it. 
  • White Circle - Buffs Aromine with 40% damage increase. Healers must heal the Tankers while the Range DPS the boss. MT can lure the Aromine away from the White Circle. 
  • Poison Puddle - DOT Damage. Heal those who got affected. Stay away from it
  • Random Whip - Aromine stuns and whips a random target. Off Tank should taunt it after the first whip. Heal the targeted one.
  • Fire Whip - Deals damage. Stay away from it.
  • Lord Kubogi - Have one to reset it or lure it away from the DPS and healers group.
  • Cursed Frog (Blue) - Kill them reset them.
  • Mucous Frog (Yellow) - Reset them 

Rat Master
Tips: Main Tank & Off Tank stand and taunt at the middle before the circle area. The rest stand and wait for Rat Master to awake at the 5PM direction. When Rat Master awakes, MT lures the boss to DPS spot. Healers heal the targeted person when Rat Master awakes. 

Reo, Miki, Rapi and Dona
Downed four of them however, They respawn after Dona died. Not quite sure have to kill them in sequence or vice-versa.
However, when one of them reach 1/3 HP, it will sleeps itself for 4-5 minutes. DPS others so you will survive in the raid. 
Will update once have further information.

Rat Master
  • Sleep - Rat Master will sleep for 4-5 minutes and summon Reo before he sleeps. 
  • Mini Hadoken - Deals damage and traps the targeted one. A Large Hadoken will be cast. Get one to  lure its attention while healers heal him at a safer point. 
  • Large Hadoken - Cast after Mini Hadoken. Damage deals to the targets around the player who got hit by Mini Hadoken. DPS should go and down the boss after the Large Hadoken is cast. 
  • Poison Claw - Deals damage and debuffs with DOT Poison damage. Heal the targeted one.
  • Dark Wave (Red AOE) - MT have the AOe to face away from the DPS and healers. 
  • Flashing lights -A light flashing animation before casting bombs on the floor. 
  • Comet (Blue AOE) - Cast when the boss reach less than 600k HP. Priest Sanctuary and Sorceress Deluge. 
  • Abyss - DPS them ASAP as it can one hit KO the targeted ones. 
  • Core - Ignore them. 
So far that is it. Do note that this is a Normal mode for the COA. It is pretty simple and straight forward. Hard Mode deals more damages but the techniques to down the bosses are more or less the same. 

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