SaSa CURE Introductory Media Event


Heard of CURE but never really know what it was until I attended an introductory event about it. Thank you SaSa for the invitation and had me understand more about Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

What is CURE Natural Aqua Gel?
CURE is a gentle exfoliator that helps to improve on skin problem by removing dead skin. It is Japan's Number 1 exfoliator and one bottle is sold every 12 seconds. in year 2008, CURE was chosen as a gift for the winners and nominees of the most cinematic achievement. CURE can be said as the most gentle exfoliator on the skin as the following factors:
90% of ingredient is water (hydrogen water)
  • Grain Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Coloring Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Alcohol Free

Cure sample on the table for every attendant. Though the organizer provided two samples, I could not finish one pack of it. It was an informative brochure, with 2 CURE sachets. In the brochure, it explains and provides every information needed for CURE Natural Aqua Gel.

Tada, this is how a CURE looks like. My first impression for it was a make-up remover LOL. It reminded me of Bifesta Make-Up Remover. 
An amazing fact about CURE is it gently captures and removes only waste dead skin on the surface of skin. With such action, CURE does not dry or make your surface of skin to be thinner. 

Pretty Fiona Kim from Offstyle Sdn Bhd shared her experience on CURE. By the way, she is a Korean. She was amazed by CURE after she used it upon herself and her son. Another amazing experience she shared was, CURE can help on healing acne. 

After her precious sharing session, she did a demonstration on one of her staff. He is another Korean as well and he has a better skin texture than mine wtf. He claimed the miracle was on CURE Natural Aqua Gel. 
One of the most important note for using CURE is to apply it on your dry skin after cleansing your face

How to Use CURE Natural Aqua Gel?
  1. Use CURE twice per week for face and body
  2. Massage gently onto your skin and NO rubbing. NO rubbing rubbing ah.
  3. Gel will become liquid when used. Don't panic, massage gently.

It is a crystal clear and watery texture instead of foam texture. Unlike any other facial scrub in the market, CURE does not have any small and tiny grains. I dislike those facial scrub with rough texture as I always think these tiny grains widen my pores. 

Gently massage the gel onto your skin and the gel will dry off to become something like these. Don't be afraid of what you see, these are your dead skin. *Grin* I can't wait to use it on my face and see how much is my dead skin TEEHEEHEE. 

Lastly, the theme for the event was blue so I unintentionally wore a blue outfit with a pair of new blue slipper I bought from Zalora. 

CURE Natural Aqua Gel is available is ALL SaSa Store. So, want to cure your skin problems such as pigmentation, pimple and sign of wrinkles? You know what to do right? 
Pssss, check out their links below for more updates.

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