The Butterfly's Project's Massage Party


Hello people! Here is another upcoming Massage Party organized by The Butterfly Project
I know I will be heading on for a spa party for this coming Saturday and I am totally excited about it, The Butterfly Project just had to give me another heart attack - A Massage Party!

What comes into your mind when you heard about massage? Thai Massage? Hot Stone Massage? Or even the famous Aromatherapy Massage? 
Well for me, Massage means ticklish LOL. I feel ticklish whenever my mom help me to massage my back leh. Or maybe her technique isn't right? Hmm... Well, as the banner says, blog and win an invitation to the massage party. I will blog about it and pray in my heart I am the lucky winner. 

Ahem, just a little recap of The Butterfly Project:
The Butterfly Project is a community that welcomes beauty & lifestyle bloggers around Malaysia that blogs with passion. The Butterfly Project team designs wonderful projects for the bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to voice out their dreams, goals and opinions. (Source)

Moving on, I will tell you in details for the reason to attend the ticklish Massage Party.

#1 De-Stress
To be frank, ever since I left my job, I have never really rest well because I kept rushing myself to find a new job. In fact, I never rest well ever since I started my working life after my graduation. It is tiring and to think of I am going to work for the rest of my life until I reach the age for retirement, my brain goes haywire. I need a massage to calm myself and think of the new direction for my future. There is a saying, a clear mind can make a better solution. Come on babeh, massage me till I get my inspiration of life in my future~  

#2 Have The Best Ticklish Experience Ever 
I dislike people to tickle me. Even though massage is not part of tickling but then, I always feel ticklish when they are massaging on certain part of my body, for example my back. But.. Butt... Buttt..... Massaging can help me to relax~ So I would not mind about the ticklish part but please massage me? Ok, sounded a bit wrong here. I shall rephrase a little, I would love to have the best ticklish experience ever through this Massage Party. Sounds better? 

#3 Mingle Around & Silently Snap Friend's Photos
I have an evil plan for the Massage Party. Snap all the ugly pictures of the friends while they are having massage. How does that sound to you? Cool? Ok, I will try to not let them know I am going to take their photos so do promise me, let's keep a secret. Teehee, gathering and chatting is fun. We talk and play nonsense LOL. 

This is a Spa Party right? Since this is a party, there must be some partners as well. The Butterfly Project has collaborated with the partners below for the pampering session:
1. Amante Nail Spa & Body Care | Facebook
Amante has been known popular to dedicate a spa housing for the women, from beauty to wellness needs with moderate price. Erm, minions nail polish is too mainstream. Hi Amante, can I get my fingers to be painted beautfully with these?

2.  Photobooth Malaysia | Facebook
Pictures! How can one forget about taking memorable pictures? Mommy taught me from young, though your brain can remember everything but sometimes, a picture can help to reminisce your wonderful moments. So, time to have a photo album huh?

3.  Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party | Facebook 
Ask Joey has been actively preparing customized themed party for the clients. For every party Ask Joey organized, the aim would be wanting the attendants to memorize and remember the precious moments of all. Take this for example, reminiscing school days, isn't it?

On last chance people, (in a very Cinapek slang) fast fast go check out on this giveaway HERE lor. Why you need to wait leh? Don't wait liao loh. You wait you waste time liao. Go go go!

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  1. Of coz u will win!!! We love u regardless!!! Come n relax :) n think about your path. The goodie bag comes with a aroma diffuser for u continue to relax at home furfer


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