Aupres Bloggers Pampering Workshop @ Zang Toi Cafe Pavilion


I was surprised when MIVVA approached me for the Aupres Blogger workshop so yeap, I attended it and it was a great experience to know more about Aupres. Aupres has been in my shopping list for quite some time but I just couldn't dig out some money for it. 

Now, how many of you pronounced Aupres with an "S" behind it? Aupres should be pronounced as "Au-pre" and it means "Next to you, close to you" in French. 
Aupres is an exclusive skincare and makeup brand launched in 1994, created exclusively by Asians for Asians. The brand consists of skincare ranges to target women with specific skincare needs, along with a makeup line for enhancing women's natural beauty. 

The Aupres Bloggers Pampering Workshop has a few stations for bloggers to mingled around and understand more about the Aupres. At the same time, the bloggers get to paper themselves with Aupres skincare and makeup products. 

#1 Hand Massage Station
The lady was super nice and massaged my palms in a soft motion. You might be wondering, how come Aupres has any body care products for hand massage meh? I asked and this were the products being used on both my hands. 

They are using the Aupres Premium series products for the hand massage wtf. 
Aupres Premium is a dry skin protection range that moisturizes and nourishes skin to produce a healthy and rosy glow skin. 
Aupres Premium Cell Renewing Lotion (I) 170ml RM140

Aupres Premium Cell Renewing Emulsion (III) 50g RM145

#2 Tarot Card Reading Station
Moving on, I went for a tarot card reading by Tatalee Ong. I'm a skeptical person onto this kind of Tarot card reading or palm reading. Well, I do believe more on luck and hard works rather than predicting the future. But then, I've changed my mind a little on Tarot Card Reading. 
I've picked three cards from Tatalee and all I'd said was I would like to know more about my future career. I would say this is pretty scary because she somehow read my personalities and thoughts about future wtf. She even pointed out my weak points and gave me some advises on it. 
It was a fun experience, I would say Tarot Card Reading can be a guidance to life, giving me some motivation to find out more about myself. 

#3 Personalized Skin Consultation
This wasn't a real skin consultation as there wasn't any machine to test on your skin. It was merely a look on your skin and suggest the suitable product range to be used on the skin. 

Aupres staff suggested me to use Aupres Pro-Balancing Series, which helps to maintain the proper balance of oil and water in the skin. This will keeps the skin hydrated and smooth at all times, leaving the skin balanced for healthy and dewy look. 
(From left to right)
  • Moisturizing Lotion (I) 150ml RM50
  • Perfect Moisture Control Essense  50g RM75
  • Moisturizing Emulsion (I) 100ml RM55
  • Aqua Active Sleeping Mask 80g RM95
  • Hydrocapture Eye Cream 20g RM80

I've been tempted to get the sleeping mask and the essence because they are both relatively affordable LOL. Imagine there is an Angel and Devil keep arguing beside my ears to or not to buy them. So at the end, I've decided not to buy them. Yay! sanity won!

#4 Flash Makeover Station
The name says it all, it was a flash makeover by Apres staff by using two of the latest make up collection.
I will disclose more about them soon, I've heard they will be available at all counter around August 2013. 

Dimensional Face Creator 
A face palette which fills with 3 blusher tones, a highlighter and a bronzer. 

Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze
A combination of lip stick and lip gloss. Girls, you do not need to put lipstick and lip gloss separately in your bag anymore. 

With the blusher and lip glaze. Oh yeah, I wasn't put on any makeup on that day because of the Massage Party on the morning. 

#5 DIY Aupres Cupcake Station
There was a table filled with cupcakes. All of us were allowed to bring home a cupcake, which personalized by each and everyone of us. 

I put on the icing at the outer corner of the cupcake and some flowers and butterfly on it. Swee San said I passed my decoration for the cupcake LOL. 

#6 Light refreshments from Zang Toi Cafe @ Pavilion

This is Leng Lui Michelle from MIVVA, thank you so much for inviting me to this workshop.

All of us were given a huge  Aupres Box. I made a GIF so let's find out what's in there. 

A closer look for all the products I've received. 
Aupres Ultimate White travel size

Dimensional Face Creator PK1

Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze RD181

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