BCL Browlash EX Water Strong Liner Review


Been thinking hard how am I going to construct this review because I am really bad at drawing eyeliners. I have a problem on the eyeliners because I can't draw a balanced eyeliner LOL.
I've always love those who can draw different pattern of eyeliners and their eyes look so pretty!

By drawing a simple eyeliner, one can have a pair of bigger, bolder and beautiful eyes. I came across of two famous patterns of eyeliner, the cat eyes and the droopy eyes. For a beginner like me (ahem), I find myself hard to get the perfect wing for cat eyes or extend downward properly for droopy eyes.

Then, I get a chance to try out BCL latest eyeliner collection, the Browlash EX Water Strong Liner. It has a felt-pen design which allows beginner like me to draw eyeliner. 

I love the blue writings on the packaging. It reminds me on magic color pen LOL.  

It has a felt-pen tip design which I am madly in love with it. It looks like a pen, doesn't it?

Look at the tip, it is a soft brush tip which enables one to draw eyeliner especially for the beginners. 
I love soft brush tip as it would not hurt your eyelids when you are drawing eyeliners. Some eyeliners I had were hard brush tips and they really hurt my eyes a lot, especially when I accidentally poke my eyes with the eyeliner pen LOL. 

With the new felt-pen design, you can control your line to be thing or bold. The more pressure you have on drawing an eyeliner, the thicker your eyeliner will appear. 

Now this is my bare face, with contact lens lah. 

I could not remember when was the last time I drew such a dramatic eyeliner. My eyes looked bigger instantly with eyeliner lol. 
I love the intense black color here. Some eyeliners out there do not give such a deep black color and need multiple coats for a deeper color. 
BCL Browlash EX Water Strong Liner only need a coat and you will get the deep intenss color you wanted. 

The eyeliner is said to have high resistance to perspiration, water and sebum. It also promises will not smudge for up to 24 hours. I can say it is high water resistance because there wasn't any stain on the tissue.  

I did a little oil proof test by using Biore Cleansing Oil. It was just a tiny dot on my hand and to be honest, it did not have a dreadful smudge, yeah I describe it a dreadful smudge. The shape was still there and if you can play along with the smudging part, make your eye makeup to become the smokey hot eye makeup. 

Finally, I remove the eyeliner with a single swap. I removed it using Bifesta water-based makeup remover. It was amazing because some of the eyeliners were so hard to remove, even with oil-based eye makeup remover. This eyeliner makes my life easier because I am lazy, and I prefer to use Bifesta makeup remover to remove everything on my face; and I love it so much that I do not need more than one cotton to remove the eye makeup. 

Rating : ★★★★☆ 
Price : RM 59.90 
Brand : BCL Browlash 
Where to purchase : Selected SaSa outlet 
Facebook : BCL Malaysia 

☑ Can be removed with just water-based eye makeup remover
☑ Deep black color
☑ Waterproof 
☑ Does not smudge tremendously and become a panda 
☑Soft brush tip which enables to control the thickness of the eyeliner 

☒ Need skills to control the thickness of the eyeliner 
☒ Takes some times to dry on the eyelids 

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