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Hello there! I am back for my food journey. I knew I have been missing myself in the food journey for quite some time. Well, not because I have stop searching for nice food but because I have been playing games and attending beauty events most of the times so yeah, I am lazy to update my status on food journey. 

Sad to say this but I have never been to IKEA before and I have no idea how awesome is that place. People raved about IKEA meatballs while I just sit at home and Googled for all the nice meatballs. Then one perfectly fine day, boyfie decided to go IKEA for the meatballs. Yea, he never been to IKEA and never eat the meatballs before LOL. And so, our aim of the day was the IKEA meatballs

We went IKEA on a weekend and to our expectation, there was a long queue at the food section. It was hard to find a seat too. However, Lucky Goddess was on our side the other day so we found a seat through our friend's help.
Now let's get on to the food and enjoy the meatballs!

Swedish Meatballs
I love this so much. As I am writing this post, I'm missing these meatballs already. I can never have enough of the meatballs, especially with the cream sauce. I was sharing this with le boyfie so I couldn't dip the sauce as much as I wanted too. Oh yea, the fries weren't good, but who cares? We have Meatballs! 

There is something special about the meatball because either people hate or laove it. I'm the latter one. I fell in love with the IKEA meatballs ever since I had my first bite on it. They are meaty and juicy, and at the same time, the cream sauce complements them perfectly. Every bite on the meatballs will make me crave for more of them. The beef taste matched well with the cream sauce, lingered in my mouth for quite some time.

Vegetarian Pasta with Tomato Sauce
A very healthy meal, I assume. The tomato sauce did not taste as rich as I expected. Though I do not like sour taste but this dish is tasteless. 

Chicken Vienna Sausage with Fries and Coleslaw
Not much comments for this one. The sausage was pretty normal, with tasteless coleslaw and fries.

Poached Salmon with Chives Sauce
I love the mashed potato here. The Salmon was well cooked, not too soft nor too hard. 
The Salmon with the creamy sauce matched well and melted in the mouth. 
Perhaps, this is one of the well cooked Salmon other than the one I had in Caffeinees

Chicken Wings
They tasted just fine, like any other ordinary chicken wings out there. Though the chicken wings looked perfectly grilled from the outside, there were still reddish blood on the inside. So yea, the chicken wings did not amuse me. 

Dark Chocolate Almond Cake
Everyone has been raving about this cake, and I did tried it for few bites but it did not amuse me. I do not like almond taste so perhaps I would not find this cake taste fantastic. But le boyfie prefer it more than the Apple Tart so I guess those who can accept the Almond taste will find this cake is nice. 

Apple Tart
The Cinnamon aroma lingered pretty long in my mouth, even though I was having the Almond cake, the aroma was still there. I love the perfect combination of the the apple and Cinnamon. The crunchiness of the outer layer was there because it was in the fridge at all times. It was a new tasting experience for Apple Tart because I had never taste a cold Apple Tart before. Surprisingly, the Apple Tart tasted better when it was cold. 

The pudding was ok. Not too sweet nor tasteless. It wasn't the best pudding but it is still consumable. 

Price: ★★
Food: ✰ for the meatballs. ✰ for the rest
Do not go to IKEA on weekends lol. It is hard to find a seat and there are so many people around! It was so packed and I can't enjoy my meal peacefully. The meatballs were awesome and I have the urge to buy a pack of IKEA meatballs home for self-cook. The price for all the food was relatively cheap, especially for the pudding LOL. If I could remember well, it was only RM 1.

IKEA Damansara
No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-7726 7777
Official Website
Facebook: IKEA Malaysia

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