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BB Cream, a beauty trend adopted by Korean and soon, made its way famous around Asia. European countries soon adopted the BB Cream trend and some companies are having their way to target on the European market by formulating BB Cream that suits the European market.

Today, PAYOT offers a specific skin care product for each skin care need, whereby it is known for "physical culture for the face". PAYOT products stimulate the face's nerve centres and blood circulation. Then, removes the dead cells from epidermis and restore the skin to fresh and velvety softness state. (Source)

Recently, PAYOT launched BB Cream and Cicaexpert. To be frank, I have heard of PAYOT but never try any of their product before. It is a good chance for me to understand more about the brand. 
Our speaker of the day, Aurelia Lebouc. She is a PAYOT International Trainer from French.

PAYOT came out with a brand new 5-in-1 complexion BB Cream, combines all the benefits of skincare and make-up. This BB Cream in belong to the PAYOT family of Les Hydro-Nutritives, a line of generous, sensual, rich-textured of face care that is meant for intense hydration and long-lasting comfort. 
PAYOT BB Cream emphasizes on hydration and perfection on the skin. 

PAYOT BB Cream with light and medium shades RP: RM 148 50ml
#1 24-Hour Hydration
Helps the skin retain and maintain its natural moisture level with Hydro-Dermo-Regulating Complex formula. With this formula, the skin stays hydrated, soft and healthy. 

#2 Enhances Skin Tone 
Consists of mineral pigments that adapts easily to skin's tone and maximises the coverage of the BB Cream onto the face with its mattifying effect. There is an amount of 91% of women love the fresh, light and soft texture of PAYOT BB Cream. 

#3 Covers Imperfections and Fine Lines
Gives a natural looking skin by smoothing the fine lines and covers imperfections such as scars and pores. Studies showed 80% of women see imperfections are visibly vanished. 

#4 Revives Radiance
Combination of Hydro-Dermo-Regulating Complex and the mineral pigments are used to revive skin's radiance and luminosity. A test showed 93% of women notices a more radiant complexion after using the PAYOT BB Cream. 

#5 Protects against UV Rays
Given with SPF 15, it helps to protect the skin and preventing the signs of premature aging. 

There was another highlight for PAYOT newly launched product, the Cicaexpert.
Ever wonder how you are so frustrated about the newly formed scars on your face or body? And for some people, the scars always take their own sweet time to recover and I, have this problem.
Cicaexpert, is exactly what I need as it is a skin repair accelerator. 

Cicaexpert helps on soothing and comforting the skin, acts as a repair skin agent. It helps to accelerate the skin repair process by recreating an ideal cell environment.
Cicaexpert offers three important and targeted treatments:
#1 Regenerating Effect
Biometietic peptides encourages skin reconstruction by activating the synthesis of skin proteins and restore skin tissue quality.

#2 Healing Effect
The extract of Centella Asiatica that has powerful skin-repairing benefits, works perfect with mineral complex made up of copper, zinc and manganese which accelerates on cell production.

#3 Soothing and Moisturizing Effect 
Soothing oat extract and hyaluronic acid helps on reconstruction of the skin barrier.

PAYOT users might be familiar with CRÈME N°2 as it is a soothing treatment for redness. CRÈME N°2 has been on the market before Cicaexpert is launched. Here is a table showing the difference between Cicaexpert and CRÈME N°2.

PAYOT BB Cream with light and medium shades RP: RM 148 

            Repairing skincare for superficial skin alterations
           Speed recovery skincare  
      Soothing treatment for diffused redness
      Gentle band-aid
Regenerates, increases healing and soothes
Calms and neutralizes
Cell growth factors, mineral complex, centella asiatica extracts
Corn, sesame, liquorice,  thyme, almond
Damaged skins with scars or scratches, after dermo-aesthetic acts
Skins with redness and/or irritations
Fragrance Free
Fluid Cream
40ml Tube
30ml Tube

An amazing fact I found out from Payot was that, the brand emphasized on the importance of the cooperation between Beauticians and Medical Professionals. Dr. Bernard Djian, a Dermatologist mentioned in his video, A Dermatologist can provide an instant solution for a skin problem however, it is the beauty therapist who does all the job on comforting and understanding a patient. Somehow I agreed on his statements (based on true story la, I had severe skin problem before).

After the introduction for both PAYOT BB Cream and Cicaexpert, the attendants got to experience them on hand.
Ignore the lighting, you can enlarge to see the before-after in a larger size of image. The BB cream texture given was too much so I couldn't have a proper review here. For the after effect, the BB Cream did not set in well as I assumed. It took quite some time for the BB Cream to set in and it was not oily as I thought.
I will have a proper review in some time.

Thanks to Kay for having group photo for the Lilac Bloggers. And thanks to Ky-Gan too, for having us on learning more about PAYOT. 

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