Simone MAHLER EGF-Repairlift @ Cosmebeaute Asia 2013


Cosmobeaute Asia 2013 was held last week and I got a chance to know about Simone MAHLER. I have never heard of this brand before and the only fact I knew about Simone MAHLER is the subsidiary of  Sothys International. I was invited to get a first hand information through the demonstration of EGF-Repairlift of Simone MAHLER. Of all this opportunity, I must thank the Lilac Box for having me in this workshop. 

Simone MAHLER founded her own brand of cosmetics in 1946 and developed an original and personal approach to beauty. She created a range of facial techniques, products and treatments, combining the latest technology with a unique understanding of the problems in order to help every women achieve the result she desired. Now, Simone MAHLER existed in the market for over 65 years of experience and also a subsidiary of the Sothys Group. Simone MAHLER is more of a beauty care which aim to solve women's problem with targeted treatments and latest technology. 

Simone MAHLER is a professional dermo-cosmetic brand which is known for a perfect combination of effective products and treatments (visible results), safety (skin tolerance) and the pleasure of cosmetics (scent and texture quality). It has three principles:
  1. Exclusive Treatments Protocols for individual skin diagnosis
  2. High Tech Equipment such as Ultrasounds and Micro-currents
  3. High Tech Products for face, body and sun care

Simone MAHLER has a treatment called Hydraluron. This treatment is aimed to boost and maintain skin's moisture level. The products used will help to hydrates the skin in surface and in depth with Hyaluronic acid. With Glycerin & Vegetal oils complex, the skin is being soften and protected. Hydraluron treatment also limits water loss by strengthening cells cohesion and reconstituting the NMF level. Eventually, the hydrated skin can helps to prevent skin ageing. 

EGF(Epidermal Growth Factors)-Repairlift contains Matrikines and Myrtle extract, which help to obtain a smooth, regenerated and visibly younger skin. This treatment helps to reinforce the skin's youthful appearance and providing comfortable moment throughout the treatment process. This is an anti-aging treatment which can significantly reduce on the number and depth of wrinkles with 11% of EGF compound that prolongs the lifespan of skin cells and improves their metabolism. 

The EGF-Repairlift treatment is best paired with Actilift 3S machine. The combination of these two will give a botox-like effect on visible expression line with immediate and persistent moisturizing effect. The Actilift 3S machine has 4 technologies that fights against time effects:
  • Revive the skin radiance
  • Revitalize
  • Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm-up skin elasticity by favoring with collagen and elastin production

The demonstration of the EGF-Repairlift and Actilift 3S machine were done by Ms Arielle Girault. She is a Training Manager from Simone MAHLER International with 26 years of experience in training and development of Professional Dermo-cosmetics treatments.

Ms. Arielle removed Jenny's makeup with Demaquillant Waterproof for lips and eyes.
Gently press on the eyelids and remove the makeup with a swipe.

Demaquillant Waterproof for lips and eyes.
It is a waterproof makeup remover which leaves no greasy feeling on the skin. It has mallow and liquorice extracts for a skin soothing effect. 

Put on the Tonic bleu lotion and pat the lotion onto the skin. Wipe off the excess by placing a tissue on the face.

Tonic bleu lotion
Tone and soften the skin, giving the skin a refreshing and soft look. 
That was a face scrubbing tool. Once Ms Arielle glided the tool on the face, there was a steam flowing out. Could not remember exactly the description but all I could remember was the tool will release water vapour once the tool glided on the face.

The hot towel was used to soften and relaxed the skin as well as prep up for the next step.

EGF-Repairlift Serum was applied onto Jenny's face.

Then, Ms Arielle used pinching technique to stimulate and lift up the skin.
The pinching massage lasted around 10-15 minutes if I am not mistaken.

After that, Masque Biocellulose was applied on Jenny's face. This mask fits tightly onto the face and provides a deeper penetration of beneficial ingredients.

After putting on the mask, Ms. Arielle applied EGF-Repairlift Creme on Jenny's face.

EGF-Repairlift Professional Anti-Wrinkle Tratment (Box of 10 Treatment) includes:
EGF-Repairlift Creme (anti-wrinkle smoothing cream)
Smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate and protect the skin from signs of aging. 

EGF-Repairlift Serum (anti-wrinkle regenerating serum)
Revitalize and reinforce visibly on the skin's youthful appearance, giving a more glowing, supple and plumped look on the skin.

Masque Biocellulose 

Actilift 3S machine is then being used. There were 4 stages in total for EGF-Repairlift treatment.
First phase: Blue light
Lymphatic drainage and increase product penetration and effectiveness.

Second phase: Green to Light blue light
Improved facial circulation for deeper ingredient absorption.  

Third phase: Red to Orange to Yellow light
Smooth the fine lines and wrinkles according to the nodes. 

Last phase: Purple light.
Firming up the skin's elasticity. 

The mask was removed and Ms Arielle applied eye cream around the eye area. 

Look at Jenny's face, isn't her skin look glowing? I did touched her face and her skin felt supple and soft after the EGF-Repairlift treatment. 

A group photo of the bloggers and Ms Arielle Girault. 

Thank you so much to Simone MAHLER for a mini package of these products. I handed them to my mom because I felt they are more suitable for her.
  • Gelee Satin gentle cleansing for the face
  • Tonic bleu toning lotion
  • EGF-Repairlift anti wrinkle smoothing cream
  • Hydraluron global moisturizing cream
  • Masque Aux Fraises moisturizing and brightening mask

Simone MAHLER sites
Official Website
Facebook: Simone Mahler

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