The Butterfly Project Massage Party @ Amante Sri Petaling


Since I could not play my game smoothly with my laptop, I am hardworking for all the pending blog posts that I should have post long time ago LOL. So I had a wonderful last weekend on June, and I had another relaxing weekend at the following weekend.
You might read this post before, on me bragging on getting a Massage because I am stress and blah blah blah. Oh well, you can still read it here.

Read some comments from other bloggers on Ask Joey and mostly are positive one. So let's have a look on how Ask Joey decorated for the Massage Party.
The motto of the day was: Keep Calm and Relax

Since we have to keep ourselves calm and relax, Soothing Mochis were presented. Did anyone eat this? Is it in Green Tea flavour?

There were Rest & Relax Cookies and you will have the most relaxing feel ever for having this cookie. 

When you are relaxing yourself, do you feel you are somehow flying in the cloud? Ok la, exaggerating too much but here was Ask Joey prepared us, the Unwind & Eat Cake Pop. 

Of all these yummy desserts, one should not forget about the drinks too. Ask Joey prepared Zen Green Tea to ease the bloggers for the Massage Party. 

Maybe, this is what you need for a Massage Party too, cookies and Diffuser for a relaxing ambient. 

Amante Lux Body Care, a series of body care products which allow you to have smooth skin like a baby. 

Just few days before the Massage Party was held, The Butterfly Project gave us a surprise: collaboration with Teaffani High Tea! Just look at these food, ain't they lovely? The sandwich was the best among all the scorns tasted not bad too.

So yea, these two ladies were having fun drinking tea and coffee. Until there was a time whereby the tea was mixed up with coffee, and I didn't know about it. Sigh, my tummy was brave enough to take in the mixture of coffee and tea, bravo~

Kah Mon and me booked ourselves to enjoy Hot Stone Massage in a room. Yeah, you read it correctly, two of us in a room.
The stones were placed on top of a Stone Heater filled with water.

Unlike Aromatherapy Massage, hot stones will be placed accordingly on the top of your back. The therapist will have you to test on the temperature and slowly massage the heat from the hot stones onto your back. Hot Stones Massage can improve blood circulation release toxin from the body. I ate too many "poisonous" food so I guess I need Hot Stone Massage once in a while lol.
Hello there! It's my sexy back!

I wasn't able to try on the Aromatherapy Massage because I was running out of time. You know, sometimes girls are being slow because we talk a lot? Or we love to take photos with our girlfriends. I'm guessing the latter one explained more about myself LOL.

All of us also got the chance to choose our favourite color for Manicure session. Here is just one part of the OPI collections, you can check out in my Facebook album for more.

The manicurist helped me to shape my nails to be in oval and painted them with the colors chosen.
I chose OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand in Solitaire (White) and I forgot the other one LOL. I like the Sandy texture of the Solitaire.

An Invitation to Amante Open House
10am to 8pm
19th July (Friday) to 21st July (Sunday)

FREE Treatment for New Customers
Aromatherapy Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Lymphatic Detoxification Treatments

3 Days Sale Only
Up to 70% for Buy Now-Use Later services
  1. Nailtek Spa Manicure / Pedicure NOW RM 68 (NP RM 228)
  2. Aromatherapy Body Massage 90 mins (women and couples only) NOW RM 38 (NP RM 127)
  3. Bellewave Switzerland Instant Radiance & Brightening Facial treatment NOW RM 71 (NP RM 238)
03 2287 9089
03 6259 0884
03 3323 6404
Petaling Jaya
03 7803 4664
Sri Petaling
03 9054 4131
Berjaya Times Square
03 2141 0777
03 9130 0121
Kota Damansara
03 6141 7613
Mont Kiara
03 6203 0221
03 8062 2652
Subang Jaya
03 5621 3922

Ending the post with my best shot! 

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