The Butterfly Project Spa Party - Part 2


Ok I am back with my storytelling on The Spa Party. If you haven't read about Part 1, check out here. You get to see my modelling experience LOL. 

A party is not a party without good food.
Thank you so much to Good Friends Cafe for the lovely food.
All of them were tasty especially the cucumber Canapes!
No worries people, the food prepared by Good Friends Cafe is Halal.

#1 Fried Organic Tofu with homemade Teriyaki sauce
The combination of the sauce with the tofu is nice! The tofu is not too soft nor too hard, easy for one to chew them nicely. 

#2 Mini Lemongrass Chicken Slider with beetroot burger bun
Though the bun is a little hard but the patty is awesome.

#3 Seaweed Spicy Tuna on Cucumber Canapes
This is my favourtite! Before the Fashion Show started, most of the girls can't resist themselves from putting this inside their mouth. The crunchiness of the cucumber mixed well with the fresh tuna, leaving one to urge for more of these.

#4 Tamarind Prawn in a Spoon

#5 Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese

#6 Raspberry Macaroons
Isn't this lovely? Even the macaroons is prepared according to the themed party. I can say this was pretty good because it wasn't as sweet as other macaroons that I'd ate. 

#7 Homamade Ice Lemon Tea

Though you finished the food, there will always be more waiting for you. 
After I got my tummy filled with the delicious food, it was time for me to start enjoy everything in the party. 
All the Butterflies were given a ticket like this, where you can redeem the services at the station below.
  • Manicure
  • Mask
  • Pedicure
  • Massage or Facial

And this, you do not need any ticket for DIY station. You get to make a body scrub with Ayna's guidance. She will be there to guide you on making your own body scrub.

The queue for Manicure and other stations were quite long so I headed for the Pedicure first. 
I think I started to fall in love with pedicure because I enjoyed myself more than Manicure LOL. 

Hannah, one of the friendly staff in Posh! Nail Spa helped me on my pedicure. 
Well, she gave me a scrub and applied lotion on both of my legs. 
She then started to shape my nails and I have to say I love that part LOL. 

Out of nowhere this Kah Mon came in front of us and posed herself like this. Yea, this is my best shot for that day. 
Just look at her "Hamsup' face leh.

There was a Mask Station, where the Butterflies can redeem the most suitable mask by consultation. 

This is Rachel, she helped the Butterflies on putting a nice manicure. By the way this is Choulyin's hand lol. 

I would not say this is my best shot but I love Choulyin's look here! Her smiling eyes are smiling wtf. 

The very last station would be Massage or Facial but sadly, I did not have enough of time for either one of them. It was near to the end of the party and I missed it.
Throughout the party, you can see there were a lot of Butterflies took a lot of pictures, such as this:

Or this
Choulyin & Swee San
Or even this
Thanks to Amelie for the photo. 
Last but not least, took photos with Fotobox!
Took quite a few photos but there was only one appeared in my mailbox.
Any Butterflies spot me in any of me in your instant photo? Do tag me in Facebook yeah.

Ok, I am going to stop right here again AHAHAHAHA.
Meh, I would not want my post to be so long filled with so many pictures.
So the FINALE will be all about good stuffs, and I am saying about all the prizes!
Oh yes, The Butterfly Project decided to pamper the Butterflies more with prizes!
Stay tune yeah people!

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