The Butterfly Project Spa Party - Finale


Continue from the previous episode LOL, Sorry for keeping the final post for so long. I shall be revealing the lucky Butterflies who walked away with those prizes~
But then, there were so many Butterfly winners so I picked and chose some of my friends here.
Do head on to the albums here: Swee San, Tammy, Angeline

Xue Ren was a lucky girl who won the Best Photo by wearing the one of the collection from Pink n' Proper.

Nicole won for the Best Instagram Photo.

Swee San, our photographer of the day was one of the lucky draw winners.

And finally, Cindy got her Sephora Grand Prize! Look at all the stuff she got leh.

So you might wonder, do I stand a chance to win all the prizes?
Of course yes~ scroll down to see more.
Viv, the owner of Pink n' Proper presented my consolation prize from the Fashion Show. Weeeeeeeeee~~~

The lucky draw winner was me AHAHAHAH. Ok la, I was one of the winners, there were other lucky winners as well.

I was surprised when they called upon my name for the Best Dresser. Thank you for nominating me as the Best Dressed Butterfly, and maybe I think is because of my Rabbit headband gave me some luck on that day  

After the prizing ceremony, the Butterflies can go home with a Goodie Bag~ The Goodie Bag can be said as the most lovely Goodie Bag that I have ever seen so far. Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project and the partners for the Spa Party.

Let's check out what are the great stuffs I brought home.
My name card and two remaining tickets LOL. 
So I am considering of using the name card as my bookmark lol (don't waste ma).

Upon the registration, all Butterflies will be receiving a door gift. I assume the door gift was varied because I saw different Butterflies received different door gift. I received Spa Fit Intense Toning Concentrate worth RM 73.00. 
Ok, I have a solid excuse to massage myself more since this concentrate helps on toning and improves skin condition. Oh yea, just to mention, I found out my whole body is belong to sensitive type and yesterday my skin started to irritate for no reason. So maybe, this can help to stop the itching. Hmmmm...

Before the Butterflies went home, they were given a goodie bag filled with awesome stuff as well! Special thanks to all the partners for the lovely goods. Weeee~
  • Pink n' Proper River Island Tote The huge puppy face on it)
  • Posh! Nail Spa Voucher for Manicure & Pedicure worth RM 88
  • L'oreal White Perfect Spot Corrector Targeted Treatment
  • L'oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo-Tone Whitening Powder Foundation
  • Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion
  • Salvatove Ferragamo Signoria Eau De Toilette
  • Maybelline Smooth Color & Care Refreshing Tinted Lip Balm
  • MaxFactor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum

Brought a mask home from the Mask Station. 
Had hard time to decide which mask I should have so ended up I chose Hydra-soothing Moisturising Fibre Mask. 
Later on, I found out from TT Mask website about this mask and surprisingly, this mask won an award (Taiwan Golden Diamond Award) in Taiwan Expend Top Commodity 2013. 

Prize won from Pink n' Proper! Nice leh? 
But the cup is slightly too big for me so LOL. I am going to just buy a smaller padding then ready to wear to the pool, I guess? 
You would not find this in the website yet because the is the latest bikini collection from Pink n' Proper. 
This collection is going to be launched in August 2013 so be ready girls, get ready to flaunt your sexy body at this summer. 

I got this from the Lucky Draw: Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Color in Party Pink(155)

As for the Best Dressed Prize, I got a one year supply of body lotion powder from Johnson's!
Imagine putting those powder on my butt, just like how a baby being put the powder on the butt LOL. 

WOHOHOHOHO. I feel so contented with the Spa Party. Though I could not enjoy for the massage nor the facial, I had so much fun mingled around with the friends. And of course, I've finally met some friends in real life after we have known each other in the blogging circle.

On a side note: Thank you Kah Mon for being my driver for that day and I knew I was embarrassing lol. I will remember your love~ My dear~ LOL

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