The Butterfly Project Spa Party- Part 1


Some photos are grabbed from Swee San, and Angeline. Due to the overload photos being taken during the party, I am going to separate it into 3 posts. Yes, 3 episodes of The Butterfly Project Spa Party LOL. Do show some support for the posts! Oh yeah, a little reminder here, pictures will be more than words so BEHOLD! I'm presenting you all the artworks from me and my friends!

Remember on my previous post stating the Butterfly Project Spa Party? It was held last Saturday at TTDI Posh! Nail Spa. It was a great experience for a spa party. It was kind of last minute to get my "bath-robe" from Cotton On. Actually, my bathrobe is a sleeping robe LOL.

Here is an agenda for the day and to be honest, it was a bit rushing as I took part in the Fashion Show. Still, I had fun with the friends and I got my medicure Yay~
Enjoying Treatment
Opening Speech
Fashion Show
Enjoying Treatment
Posh Muslim Compliance Products Closing Speech
Winner Announcement
1)      Best Dress
2)      Best Photo – For Butterflies
3)      Best Photo – Pink n’ Proper
4)      Lucky Draw
Home Sweet Home

The selected Pink n' Proper Models are preparing themselves for a Fashion Show Rehearsal. 
So my conclusion for the rehearsal was: I am not a good poser. I does not know how to pose in front of the crowd and camera LOL. It was awkward but a fun experience to be a model for Pink n' Proper

Oh Hello there! I am Jennifer, a Butterfly student from The Butterfly Project. 

Let's move in further inside to the main venue. Purple and Pink decoration, pretty isn't it?

We have Illy to brief the crew and the early comers on the agenda. On a side note, I love her striking red robe. . 

Since I was taking part in the Fashion Show, I must have something nice to wear right? So let me introduce the mastermind behind Pink n' Proper - Vivien. You look at this lady, busy here and there just to let the top 10 models get their clothes right. 
Pink n' Proper brings all the trendy fashion found in U.K and directly imported from U.K. Clothes fly from U.K leh, must be gorgeous right?  

All of us took our own sweet time to get ourselves prepared with make up and clothes-fitting.
I just had to post this. I wanted someone to take a full body photo of myself and this Kah Mon just had to barge in, like that.

A funny experience was, the models had to disguised themselves with bathrobes before the Fashion Show started. And all of us looked slightly funny with double layers of clothes lol.

Then we were told to get ready as Ayna played us a song with her ukulele. Though I could not hear her in Live but a recorded one wasn't that bad after all. 

Tammy, our Mamasan. I have no idea since when Tammy has become our Mama-san LOL. Mama-san was telling us the method to walk away all the prizes from her. 

And the prizes I was referring were these! All loads of them arranging themselves like models, waiting the Butterflies to bring them home. 

Viv, the owner of Pink n' Proper became the Emcee for the Fashion Show, introduced the models and the clothes on them. 

Spring/Summer 2013 that is available in the website now. Hop onto the website and find out more collection!
Rare London Paneled Skater Dress in Red RM 159.00

#2 Chency
Coco's Fortune Quilted PU Pearl Bomber Jacket RM 179.00
AX Paris Structured Sleeves Bodycon Dress in Beige RM 99.00

#3 Wiida
Coco's Fortune Floral Fringe Kimono RM 179.00

#4 Le FurFer
Rare London Embellished Cut Out Dress in Blue RM 139.00

#5 Amelie
ASOS Rosette Dress in Hot Pink RM 179.00

The Prom Collection below are the Autumn/Winter Collection, which will be launching betwee August and September. So, a sneak peak of what is coming soon, great deal?
#6 Alice

#7 Sarah

#8 Kah Mon

#9 Lisa

#10 Audrey

# Special Guest 1 - Cindy

# Special Guest 2 - Angeline

Lastly, a group photo of all the top models and guest models from Pink n' Proper. Not to forget Viv was there too.

I'm going to stop right here TEEHEE. And I do hope you are eager to know what happened after the Fashion Show right? So do stay tune for my blog, I will try my best not to procrastinate and get Part 2 to be done. Mean while, you can always mingle around in my Facebook Album to pleasure yourself. Ok sounded so wrong wtf, anyway have fun!

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