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Courtesy to the Lilac Box, I was able to take part in Babor's Workshop. I wanted to bring along my mom for this workshop but yeah, she rather spend her time for Mahjong nuuuuuu. So, my "daughter" of the day was Amelie, yea lah, just because she was the youngest there. 

Babor was introduced by Dr. Michael in 1955. Innovative cosmetics with mostly natural-based ingredients are formulated in its own research facilities. Babor maintains the highest scientific standards in creating products of the utmost quality and effectiveness. 
Babor uses natural plant-based ingredients in their products with the help of dermatological and clinical tests. 
Babor then introduced the highly effective ampoules skin care line. In today's world, Babor is one of the world's leading brands in the professional cosmetics industry. 

I am so sorry for forgetting his name but I do remember he is the General Manager of Babor Malaysia. He gave an opening speech and hope we are able to enjoy ourselves much in the workshop. 

Cindy is a friendly instructor for the day, giving us the information we need to know on the cleansing and mask part. 

Al of us were given a bag of Babor miniature products to be used in the demonstration session. 

Cleansing HY-OL 200ml | RM 170
  • Contains soybean, sesame, peanut oils and quillaja extract which enhances the cleansing effect

Phytoactive Base 100ml | RM140
  • Treats skin conditions during cleansing
  • Increases the absorption of the active ingredients
  • Skincare tailored 10% of herb extract to individual skin needs

The Art of Cleansing
Back in year 1955, Dr. Micheal Babor discovered natural pure oils and water cleansed the skin in a thorough yet gentle method. The HY-OL contains peanut and sesame oil which help to soften and smooth the skin, providing a moisturize effect to the skin. The Pythoactive Base is then applied on top of the HY-OL, which is meant to moisture the face. After that, wet your hands and gently massage your face to form a milky emulsion. The milky emulsion is aimed to remove the water-soluble dirt. Finally, rinse off the emulsion with water. 
Sound complicated huh? Then watch the video below to understand how HY-OL and Phytoactive Base works.

Cleansing Mild Peeling 50ml | RM 150
  • Contains granules made from ground and rounded peach kernels to remove dead skin.
  • Promotes skin regeneration and conditioning the skin with plant-based lipids from sesame oil.
Gently massage your face with the scrub with circular motion. Do not press the scrub onto your face as the granules may hurt your skin. 

Skinovage Intensifier Comfort Cream Mask 50ml | RM 125
  • Pampers skin with shea butter and precious plant oils
  • Intensively moisturizes the skin and regenerates the lipid mantle to achieve soft and supple skin

The mask should be thick enough to cover your whole face. Do not massage the mask onto your face instead, place a layer of mask and swipe them all over your face. Wait for around 10 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. 

Body Line Thermal Spray 200ml | RM250
  • Pure and soothing thermal spring water from Aachen
  • Aloe vera extract to promotes skin regeneration and moisturizing purpose
  • Alcohol free but slightly scented

Spray it all over your face with 15cm distance away from your face. 
Pat your face until the toner absorb onto your face.

Fluid FP Hydra Plus Active Fluid
  • Replenishes the skin with needed moisturizing 
  • Rebalances moisture level with hyaluronic acid
  • Helps to prevent moisture loss from the skin
  • Instantly gives a fresh and smooth look

Babor has been specialized in producing glass ampoules for years and is the first skincare compant to develop ampooules as an attractive and practical packaging. According to Babor philosophy, natural ingredients have more intense effect if they are highly concentrated. Hence, Babor Fluids FP offer immediate visible results with a range of high-dose ingredients to suit every skin type and condition. 
Moist & Lipid: Moisturises and Builds up the skin's barriers
Anti-Aging: Supports elasticity and radiance, reduces wrinkles
Pure: Heals blemished skin
Sensitive: Calms sensitive skin

HSR Lifting Extra-Firming Eye Cream 30ml | RM490
  • Reduces small wrinkles and lines
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Promotes supple skin and delays the effect of light-induced aging
  • Contains Vitamin E to trap free radicals.
  • Restores the hydro-lipid balance with Shea butter

Skinovage Advanced Biogen Mimical Control Cream 50ml | RM455
  1. Reduce expression lines
  2. Gives a firmer and refreshing youthful look
  3. Contains Avocado, Sesame and Macadamia nut oil for soft and supple skin
  4. Gives an instant lifting look
  5. Can be used as day and night cream

Sun Care System Sun Spray SPF 30
  • Sun protection to protect against sunburn
  • Provides long lasting support for skin's regeneration process after tanning
  • Quick absorbing, oil-free and water-resistant spray lotion

There will be repetitive products in the display below. Some of them are in full sizes, some are in miniature sizes. 

Mother's Day Limited Edition Set (from left to right)
  1. Cleansing Phytoactive Base
  2. Cleansing HY-OL
  3. HSR de luxe Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream
  4. Mascara Ultra Size Volume & Definition

Advanced Biogen Starter Kit (from left to right)
  1. Skinovage Daily Mattifying Cream
  2. Skinovage Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
  3. Skinovage Perfect Combination Pore Refiner
  4. Cleansing Phytoactive Combination
  5. Cleansing HY-OL

Advanced Biogen Set (from left to right)
  1. Skinovage Intensifier Comfort Cream Mask
  2. Skinovage Reactivating Eye Crem
  3. Cleansing Mild Cleanser Foam
  4. Skinovage Mimical Control Cream

From Left to Right
  1. Skinovage Reactivating Eye Cream
  2. Skinovage Mimical Control Cream
  3. Cleansing Phytoactive Combination
  4. Cleansing Mild Cleanser Foam
  5. Skinovage Perfect Combination Pore Refiner
  6. Skinovage Daily Mattifiying Cream
  7. HSR de luxe Anti-Aging Cream

HSR Lifting Extra-Firming Eye Cream

As usual, I am ending the post with a group photo of bloggers. 
From left to right: Me, Carolyn, Amelie and Jenny

Babor Official Website
Facebook: Babor Malaysia

The Lilac Box is going to launch Box 4 on this coming Saturday at 10am, Stay tune on their sites!
Official Website
Facebook: Thelilacbox

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