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Hellow people, how was your weekend? Though it is Monday but let me cheer you up a little with my food journey. I am pretty sure you will have a better appetite today.

I purchased a BellyGood voucher from Living Social few months ago as the pictures posted grabbed my attention.
So I've decided to bring along le boyfie to enjoy the meal since he said he loves meat. When both nomsters met together and the food adventure begins.
It wasn't hard to find BellyGood if you are familiar with Sunway area. You will see a big sign like this while you are finding the shop. So yeah, keep clam and read on my food adventure. 

Baked Portobello Mushroom with Bacon and Cheese RM 16.80 *Highly Recommended*
Imported fresh mushroom with melted cheese and chopped bacon

Anyone who is going to this place for meal, please order this. I can never have enough of this and in fact, I am craving it now while I'm drafting out this post. The melted cheese paired so well with the sliced bacon and this combination does not fail me at all. The bacon spiked up the you sense and "melting" in the mouth with melted cheese. The mushroom on the other hand, has this chewiness which I can't resist to bite more. The mushroom was not hard and smelly, trust me. I found out some mushrooms are served with a weird taste and that taste lingered in your mouth for sometime. This mushroom did not leave that weird smell  but make me want to chew more.
AND, the mushroom is not small. It is a size of an adult's palm. 

Baby Back Ribs RM 29.90
Succulent grilled baby back pork ribs served with a tantalizing spicy brown sauce accompanied by homemade mashed potatoes and fresh coleslaw. 

Looks like a paw isn't is? LOL
Anyway the mashed potato was awesome. Though I love KFC's mashed potato but this is another heaven for me. I can hardly get to taste a good homemade mashed potato because they did not taste nice. To be honest, this mashed potato tasted best without any sauce on it.
Now let's talk about the pork ribs. The meat was served at its best with suitable temperature, not too hot nor too cold. The tenderness of the meat was at perfectly fine for me because I can tasted the freshness and juiciness of the meat when I was biting it. The sauce? Not quite a rich flavour but it suits well with the pork. 

Trio Platter RM 29.90
A superb combination of grilled pork belly, pork rib and pork chorizo sausage served with homemade mashed potatoes and fresh coleslaw.
I ate this because I love the choices of this platter: sausage, pork belly and rib. I can taste the goodness of the rib as well as the belly. The pork rib served has the exactly same serving as the Baby Pork Ribs but it was slightly smaller.
Surprisingly the pork belly was't that fat and oily compared to the one my mom cooked. You know la, Chinese do have a lot of pork dishes one. The pork belly tasted a bit like the "Siu Yok" marinated with "Char Siew" Sauce. It wasn't crispy but it has the feel of eating the pork belly with a rich "Char Siew" sauce. But of course, the "Char Siew" sauce I meant here isn't the normal "Char Siew" you ate out there. The combination of the pork belly with the sauce does give you a "wow".
The sausage on the other hand was so-so. It tasted like ordinary sausages out there except this one was served in a thicker version. The sausage was well-cooked so worry not about the taste. 

Peach Smoothies RM 8.50
So fat, this is the best peach smoothies that I've ever had. It wasn't too sweet nor tasteless. The richness of the peach taste was there as if I am eating a peach. It was served in Hoegaarden glass and worry not, it is worth the money as the portion is huge. 

Imported Peach and Apple Juice RM 8.90
Not quite sure you can find this in local market but the mixture of peach and apple juice was great. It is only 300ml so those who drink much, this is not recommended for you as you might want to order for a second bottle. 

Price: ★★
Drinks: ★
Verdict: I will come back for the mushroom LOL. Anyway, heard from the person in charge that this place might be packed on weekends' night so it is better to make an appointment beforehand. The service was good too. Or maybe it was only two of us that time so they have to serve us LOL. 

BellyGood @ Dataran Mentari Sunway
20, Jalan PJS 8-18, 
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor Daruh Ehsan.
Tel: +603-5630 1699

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