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Hello people! I am back! Actually I am back from procrastination lah. I've been really lazy these few days and spent most of my time in RO2 so yea, I felt guilty so I've decided to come back to my lovely blog LOL. 
Anyway, the products used in this post were entirely from Eucerin that I've gotten from the workshop. To be exact, I took part in a 4-week skin transformation challenge by using DermoPURIFIER range of products given by Eucerin. 

Let me recap a little on DermoPURIFIER range.
This range of products contains effective active ingredients to fight against blemish prone skin. Formation of comedones, excess  sebum, inflammation and abnormal growth of bacteria are the causes of blemish prone skin.  Hence, the key active ingredients contained in the DermoPURIFIER help to get rid of the causes of blemish prone skin:
  • Lactic Acid: Serves as a Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) and pH regulating. 
  • L-Carnitine: Regulate the amount of sebum on the skin.
  • Decandiol: Prevent irritations. 
  • Licirone extract: Soothe and calm the skin.

Before I start my review, let's take a look on my face before I started to use the DermoPURIFIER range. 
As you can see, I have a pimple and large pores around my cheek. My pores around my nose are pretty large too, I can squeeze out blackheads every day LOL. 

Moving on, let's take a closer look on the DermoPURIFIER. 

Gently cleanses & effectively eliminates excess sebum.

The cleanser has a crystal clear liquid and does not form a lot of foam as I expected. I love the fact where this cleanser produce less foam as possible and the very fresh feel after using it. It does not gives a tight feeling on the skin after using it and the skin feel supple instead feeling the skin dry. 

Exfoliates accumulated dead skin cells including blackheads to unclog a refine pores. 

It works like normal scrub cleanser out there. It has tiny little granules to scrub away your dead skin. I've been using peeling gel for a while so I found myself wasn't fond with this scrub as the granules hurt my skin. Not sure it was my illusion because I find my skin looks more radiant after I use the scrub. I used it once a week as I really do not like the granules scrubbing my skin LOL. 

Clear impurities & prevent blemishes.

A crystal clear and watery toner which helps to tighten the pores. At first, the toner leaves a sticky feeling on the face but after I pat them on the skin a few times, the face doesn't feel sticky anymore. In fact, my skin feel even more supple with the help of toner. 

Active Concentrate
Instant penetration to prevent, reduce acne spots & improve skin complexion.

The concentrate is not greasy and in fact, it gives a smooth matte feeling after I spread it onto my face. I can feel it penetrates well into my skin as my skin adsorbs the concentrate in quite a face pace. The concentrate helps on my skin complexion as ir helps to reduce comedones and achieve a healthy look. 

Hydrating Care
Controls sebum production & helps to sooth & calm the skin.

This serves as a moisturizer and hydrates my skin at all times. It can be spread easily onto the face and refines the skin's appearance. In other words, you can see your skin looks more radiant and supple after applying this cream evenly onto the face. A downside for this cream is it does not has any SPF factor. It would be good if there is a SPF factor to protect the skin from UV-radiation. 

Active Night Care
Helps skin regenerate & improve skin complexion overnight.

This has a very weird smell LOL. I couldn't say I love nor hate about the smell. It is weird but not to the extend of a smelly one. I would only apply this at night as it helps to improves on skin regenerate overnight. It serves as an extra care as skin will heal better over the night. However, this cream is sticky when I spread it all over my face. Though it would not be greasy later on but I just do not like the sticky feeling when I apply on it. Never the less, I like the bounciness of my skin after applying this cream.  

Cover Stick (Actual Shade)
Reduces & covers imperfections while calming irritation

There is only one shade available, which is the Actual Shade. The shade closes to skin color so do not worry about it being too fair or too dark. Though it does not give a high coverage on the imperfections but it helps on recovering your redness by calming your sensitive area. In another word, this Cover Stick is a healing concealer.
I do apply on a heavier shade of concealer for a better coverage for special occasions but I would only need to wear this for normal outings as the coverage is quite good for my scars and mosquito bites. 

It's time to show my bare face to youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!
You can click on the image for a bigger image. Compared to the first image I've shown at the top, my skin seems radiant than before and my skin looks smoother.

Rating: ★★★ 
  Product Brand: Eucerin 
  Where to Purchase: Watson, Guardian and other Pharmacies 
  Verdict: I do notice my pores are smaller day by day and by using the products for more than a week, I realize my skin looks smoother and more radiant than before. I love Cover Stick the most though it does not have much coverage on the imperfections. I love it because of the natural shade on my skin color. The price for this range are quite reasonable as Eucerin has been around on the shelves for a long time. I could not remember each and every one of the price correctly so sorry on the pricing part. But I do know Watson and other pharmacies always have promotions around so do have a look at the pharmacies. 

P/S: This is my week two using the DermoPURIFIER range of products. Do stay tune on my next one to see my skin transformation!

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