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Disclaimer: The images were taken from Lost World of Tambun and The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

Every now and then I've been hearing my friends had a getaway at  places such as Paris and Bangkok. I've been longing for a getaway trip with my family or le boyfie but money and time are the constraints. A short trip to here and there is good because it is a time for you to relax yourself and learn something new along the trip.

Just when I thought I will be missing the trip to Japan with boyfie but The Butterfly Project introduced a Getaway Project to The Lost World of Tambun. I've been hearing good feedback for the Lost World of Tambun especially with the hot spring and spa.

In order for me to qualify myself to the trip, I will have to state out my reasons on wanting to go to The Lost World of Tambun. Aiya, more or less will be the same one but then, maybe you will find out some interesting facts about me among these reasons too.

#1 I Love Water
No, I am not trolling but I love playing with water. I love splashing water to your face and make fun of you *grin*. Neh, I am not that bad, but I love playing water ever since I was young. I used to visit Sunway Lagoon once every three months just to play in the wave pool. I could still remember my friends and me would try so hard to find abandoned big floats and used it on the wave pool. Not to forget about those crazy water slides, you will find the best excitement over there.
So, who loves playing water like me?
Water Park

#2 Explore the once in a lifetime adventure
I don't know about others but 5 theme parks to be explored in Tambun, doesn't that sound amazing to you?
I could not remember when was the last time for me to visit a zoo and I do miss those animals. Lost World of Tambun has a Petting Zoo where you can touch the tamed animals such as Racoon. Racoon is cute, it has a pair of trending dark eye circles.
I am watching a Hong Kong drama recently called the Triumph to the Skies 2. I do envy those pilot and stewardess as they are always flying from places to places. While I can't do these at all times, so why not I join in the fun for a ride with the Dragon Flight below? I can feel like I'm flying right?
Amusement Park

#3 Create a lovely bonding session with the bloggers
Somehow, I think I should be using the word "friends" instead of "bloggers". Every event attended will be meeting up with new and familiar faces and this, always excites me. I love hearing stories from them and sometimes, their stories inspire me and motivate to become a better person.
Read from Tammy's blog and she said there will be a hot spring under the starry night. So I am guessing the scenery would be something like the image showed below and I'm expecting a hot spring group with the girls. It would be romantic because we are going to soak ourselves in the hot spring under the starry night and talk about life. LOL ok it sounded so dramatic but come on, it is a getaway so why not?
Hot Spring and Spa

#4 My dream to travel around while I'm young
My first time travel to oversea was during my 21st birthday. It was a USS trip with college mates and we enjoyed ourselves to the max there. We slept together and had fun enjoying the fun part in USS. We learned planning is important for every trip we make; always prioritize on time management and to trust on your mates around you. Life is not short but I have yet to discover the other part of the world. So don't give excuses for travel, go for it and learn something new about yourself.
I believe the trip to Tambun can help to discover more about myself and travel to the places I want to go. Tambun would be a very great getaway for me as I get to enjoy the trip with the girls! I don't always get such a great deal so choose me! I'm the dream you want lol.

#5 Disturb the pretties for 2 hours in the train
LOL! Ok la, this is my ultimate objective as I want to get to know everyone on the train while travelling to the Lost World of Tambun by Electric Train Services (ETS). KTM has revamped its service for quite some time as it is now getting spacious and smells better LOL. The old KTM was terrible if anyone of you rode it before. I heard there is a cafe in the middle of the train so ladies, eat ALL the food! The two hours time will be enough for some rest or chit chat session with the girls. It will be a fun ride don't you think so?

Do you want to join me to The Lost World of Tambun?
Click on the link below and find out how. 
You might be the lucky one!

Click on the links below to understand more about The Butterfly Project and Lost World of Tambun.

The Butterfly Project Malaysia
Lost World of Tambun | Facebook

P/S: How I wish I have a blind date for the Tambun trip *finger-crossed*

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