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Remember not long ago I attended a themed party? Yes, it was a Bathrobe themed party and I enjoyed it to the max!
Then, The Lilac Box surprised me with another themed party, a Pajamas Party! It was a Pajamas party collaborated with  SOTHYS. SOTHYS has been one of the premium brands in my wishlist and I was happy to get myself involved in the workshop. Did I mention before I love themed party? It is a sweet escape from the reality~

I searched the whole house and found something useful from my mom LOL!
Oh yea, that is me with my Pikachu plushie. 
Anyway, back to the main topic, All of us were asked to dress up in our most comfortable Pajamas but I didn't follow the rules because I can't bare to see myself walking around with sleep lingerie, except walking around in the house. 

SOTHYS is a family brand based on the philosophy of cure and treatment, with the aim to provide solutions to every skin problem using methods that are effective and pleasurable. Soon after, SOTHYS has become the market leader and industry;s innovator in producing sophisticated treatment procedures, professional methods of body care and high-performance of home care products.

Mr. Morceau was supposed to be our French Class Teacher however, he was unable to attend for the workshop. Fear not, Ky-Gan was the one to replaced Mr. Morceau and taught us how to speak French.

We were taught on how to pronounce these nouns in French. Honestly, I forgot mostly all of them, except the Mascara and Maquillage. Maybe, I am just bad with languages. Yea, I think I am pretty bad in languages. 

The representatives from SOTHYS then gave us an introduction on SOTHYS and the benefits of having good sleep. Well since the theme was Pajamas, the topic discussed must be related to the theme party too. 

Having a good sleep will lead to a positive emotion on the very next day and filled with positive energy! Ever see someone you knew with dull looking eyes and skin? I bet he is not having a good sleep. 
An average adult should have minimum 8 hours of sleep a day and in fact, one should start to get onto the bed at 9PM. Nah, I know a lot of people here are night cats LOL. 9PM is when your Melatonin in your body starts the secretion process. By 11PM, your body should be in deep sleep because between 11PM to 3PM, your body will go into detox, repair and renew mode. 
On a side note, Melatonin is a type of hormone which regulates your sleep-wake cycle by making you drowsy and sleepy. 
Neh, just have a look at the diagram below. So, time to sleep healthy? 

Besides having a good sleep at suitable time, your diet can affect your sleeping habit too. 
Food such as banana, cherries and milk are sleep promoter. Having them before you sleep can help to sleep better at night.

On the other hand, do remember to avoid food such as coffee, chocolate and alcohol as they are sleep killer. Though I used to drink alochol to enhance my sleeping habit but I never look good on the next day. I look like a panda instead. 

SOTHYS gave us a little tips in order to become a sleeping beauty.
  1. Turn off the lights while sleeping as it helps to induce the production of Melatonin.
  2. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday.
  3. Avoid having TV, Play Station, Computer and Handphone in the bedroom.
  4. Do not wear a bra to sleep.
  5. Always cleanse and "feed" the skin before sleep.

After all the useful tips, Grace, Technical Training Manager of SOTHYS did a demonstration of skin care routine on Edazz. 
Grace did a 20 minutes home treatment on Edazz with the steps below by using SOTHYS products. 
  1. Remove makeup
  2. Deep Cleansing (Double cleansing method)
  3. Exfoliation & Deep Pore Cleansing
  4. Mask Therapy
  5. Tone
  6. Re-balance & Re-nutrient
Source: Cindy
Mask Therapy can be done by identifying the skin type and then, use appropriate products for better results.
Oily Skin
Regulate skin sebum, anti-bacteria to prevent further breakout
Dry & Dehydrated Skin
Nutrient and moisturize the skin
Sensitive Skin
Sooth, calm and strengthen skin immunity
Dull Skin Complexion / Pigmented Skin
Brighten and improve skin illuminatin effect
Matured / Ageing Skin
Tightening and tensor effect to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

After the demonstration, there was a Q&A session and yea, I wasn't able to win, neither for the "Best Dressed Pajamas". 
She was the lucky winner for "Best Dressed Pajamas". I like her porcupine plushy, it is super adorable! 

All of us got a Skin Diagnosis from SOTHYS by using Callegari Skin Analysis System. This machine can test PH level, elasticity and hydration level within the skin. 

The result was surprising because it said my skin belongs to dry skin category. I always thought I'm having sensitive skin one leh. Time to pat on hydrating stuff on my face from now on. 

After the skin diagnosis, I went and try on a series of products on my face. Well, of course there was someone beside me to guide me and chose the most suitable product for my skin.
(From left to right)
  • Bi-phased soft make-up removing fluid
  • Comfort cleansing milk
  • Morning cleanser
  • Comfort lotion
  • Immuniscience mask
  • Immuniscience Fluid
  • Immuniscience Cream
  • Soins soleil cellu-guard (sunblock)

Display of all SOTHYS products

Here's Swee San with her fake pajamas top and my Pikachu, cute little Edazz and me. 

All of us with the beanie bags! 

A small box filled with SOTHYS deluxe sized products.

Facebook: Sothys Malaysia

Wonder how I always got the chance to take part on these workshops? The answer is The Lilac Box! The Lilac Box always come out with premium brand workshops for their subscribers. Do stay tune at their Facebook as the man behind The Lilac Box are pretty active there. 
Facebook: Thelilaxbox

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