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Sorry for the long wait dearies. I have been getting lazier ever since I've started my working life.
Forgive me for my laziness as I prefer to sleep earlier than staying up late in the midnight for drafting the post LOL. Beauty sleep is much more important for a working lady you know?
Anyway, I attended BCL Workshop organized by BCL Malaysia and Manoah Consultancy. 
I did reviews on BCL eyeliner and mascara and I have been using them whenever I put on my makeup. 
In case you don't know, BCL stands for Beauty Creative Lab. It is a Japanese brand dedicated to those fashionable young and working adults who wants to look good in their daily life. 
Well, since I am a young working lady, BCL is exactly my cup of tea. 

This is Mr. Tanabe and his model from Japan. Mr. Tanabe has great experience in beauty industry. He frequently made his appearance on Japan's TV shows and magazines by sharing his knowledge on makeup techniques. 

Mr. Tanabe introduced four latest makeup trend in Japan
Cool & Confident Shibuya Girl
Shibuya Girl loves dressing in monotone, stylish and chic clothes. You can find this type of girls in a Trendy Boutique in Aoyama Area. Their signature makeup would be sharp and impressive eyeliner with black hair.  
Pop & Sweet Harajuku Girl
Harajuku Girl loves accessories, casual and colorful clothes. They look young and cute like teenager. Harajuku girls most probably dyed their hair and wear gradational eye shadow.
Dolly & Natural Akihabara Girl
Akihabara Girl loves character toys or anime. They are sweet with their natural makeup and bobbed hair. 
Fairy & Elegant Yokohama Girl
Yokohama Girl loves luxury items. This type of girls are feminine and wear conservative fashion. They often go to gourmet restaurant too. Yokohama Girl loves to wear a but of thick makeup with airy and curled long hair. 

After introducing the 4 types of makeup trend in Japan, Mr. Tanabe decided to teach us on achieving the Akihabara Girl look. Here is my face with skin care routine and contact lens. Anyone knows how to get rid of eyebags? LOL

As usual, before putting on any makeup, once must apply her skin care routine and base makeup. 
As for the base makeup, BCL ClearLast Face Powder is used. 
There are two different types of face powder. Pink casing is Mat Orcher while black casing is Shiro-Hada Ocher. Mar Orcher gives a matte finish look while Shiro-Hada Ocher gives a glowing finish look.
I used the Shiro-Hada Ocher as I wanted to achieve a glowing and dewy finish look on my face. 

Moving on, BrowLash EX W Eyebrow pencil and Liquid is used on the eyebrows. 
There are two types of shdes available: Natural Brown and Grayish Brown. 

This eyebrow pencil is unique in the sense where one end is design to be in a pencil form while the other end is in liquid form. Well, this can be used as a two-in-one eyeliner too. 

As you can see on the image below, Mr. Tanabe taught us to draw eyebrow with 3 steps. 
First, lightly elongate the end of the brow. 
Second, fill in the empty spaces on the middle part of your brow. Use as little pressure as possible as your do not want a pair of Shin-Chan's eyebrow. 
Third, fill in the empty spaces at the front of your brow. Shape it according to your desired look with the eyebrow. 

In order to achieve a dolly yet natural look, light brown eye shadow was used. MakeMania Data Gradation Tip Shadow in Light Brown was used to achieve a natural yet rounder eyes. Line the shadow close to your eyelid. Darker eye shadow was placed at the end of the eyelid, from then use a cotton bud to blend the eye shadow all over the eyelid. 

Next, use gel eyeliner to draw a thin eyeliner. MakeMania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner in Deep Brown was used to line the top waterline of your eyes. A thin eyeliner is then being drawn on the eyelid. Blend the eyeliner with a cotton bud to achieve a softer look. 

I did a review on this eyeliner liquid pen and I simply loves it. BrowLash EX Water Strong Liquid Liner was used to highlight a little on the end of eyeliner to achieve a pair of defined eyes. 

These are the final touch on the eyes. You see it right, these three mascaras were used to achieve volume, long and curled lashes. 
First, use Volume Lash Fiber to elongate your lashes in zig-zag manner.
Second, use Lash Curler Express to curl your lashes by holding onto you middle lashes for 3 seconds. 
Third, use Lash Sculpture to separate the lashes by applying a thin layer on the lashes. 

A little comparison of having the mascaras on my left eye. I'm pretty sure you can see the huge difference between the left and right eye. I suddenly feel so proud on my eyeliner skill LOL. I seldom draw thin eyeliner like the one I showed below hor. 

Finally, finished the Akihabara Girl look with a hint of touch by MakeMania Data Essence Rouge Gloss in Cherry Pink. And finally, a dolly and natural look is done!

This is the final look of Akihabara Girl on the Model. Left side is the finished look while right is her look before putting on any makeup. I jealous on her flawless and fair skin lah. There wasn't any sign of huge pores or blackheads on her face wtf. 

Products used on face:
ClearLast Face Powder in Shiro-Hada Ocher
BrowLash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid in Grayish Brown
MakeMania Data Gradation Tip Shadow in Light Brown 
MakeMania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner in Deep Brown
BrowLash EX Water Strong Liner in Deep Black
BrowLash Ex Colume Lash Fiber (200% Volume)
BrowLash EX Lash Curler Express (Curl type)
BrowLash EX Lash Sculpture (130% Long)
MakeMania Data Essence Rouge Gloss in Cherry Pink

More photos can be found in my Facebook Album.
Finally, a group photo with the bloggers and some crews from Japan, including Mr. Tanabe of course. 

Once again, thank you so much to BCL Malaysia and Manoah Consultancy for the invitation. 
Every workshop I'd attended would help to enrich my knowledge on the beauty products and understanding on the brands. Learning is such a fun process because you would never know what kind of information you will gain. 

Check out more of BCL products at the links below. So stalk their Facebook more because who knows? You might get surprises now and then. 
Facebook: BCL Malaysia

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