Beauty Supplement HGC by V-Gen Review


Remember I did a review on HGC by V-Gen few weeks ago? 
In short, HGC is a beauty drink which gives a lot of benefits to your skin and body. 
Here is a quick update of my skin progress after consuming HGC for almmost a month. 

This is me a week ago. Notice a little pimple on the left cheek? If you don't, scroll down for a clearer version. 

It was an angry pimple because it rage LOL. Ok I know its lame but yeah, I slept quite late last week as I am still adjusting to my working life. Though I drank a lot of water but still pimples love me so yea, I had this pimple around me for like almost a week. 

Here is a picture of me during BCL Workshop
You seeeeeeeeeeeeee, that little pimple gone LOL. 
I was happy to see my pimple gone within 7 days because my pimples used to take more than 10 days to heal. 

I am loving with the products already. Though my pores seems to be big as usual, I do feel my skin is much more radiant than before. I would not say I am getting fairer but the dark spots I had from my recovered pimples are reducing. I have sensitive skin ever since I was younger and I can get small wounds easily and without my notice as well lol. After I have been consuming HGC for almost a month, I can see the brown spots on my legs and hands are reducing. 

You can get HGC via the links below. Do check out on their latest promotions too.
Facebook: V-Gen

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