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Not sure how many of you knows I actually wear specs in my real life, and you rarely find a picture of mine in a geeky spec look. Though I love specs because they are always more comfortable compared to contact lens. 
Well, at least specs can do not need to put on eyedrops when the eyes are dry. 
I feel in love with contact lens ever since I got my hand on it. I wasn't know how to put on contact lens and I had my friend to help on wearing those contact lens. 
It was a really big challenge back then because I had always afraid of myself poking my eyes. But ever since I grab the technque on wearing contact lens, I love wearing them instead of specs, simply because I look so much prettier than the look in spec LOL. 

I always go for brown or natural color to match with my hair color and to achieve a natural daily look. I had a very bad experience on colored lens so I wasn't fond on getting any fancy colored lens. 
Glasses Online is kind enough to sponsor a pair of complimentary contact lens so I had decided to go for something different: a pair of colored lens. 

Glasses Online is Malaysia's first online retailer for prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Glasses Online offers a wide variety of leading brands of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses for men and women. The products offered are all 100% original and authentic brands. Glasse Online aims to deliver all products for free at the doorstep and ensure their quality and best price in the market. 

Here are some awesome reasons on why you should get your contact lens or spectacles on Glasses Online. 
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I've chosen a pair of Blincon contact lens as I have always love the unique designs on the lens. It is a called the Blincon BB Grey.

Brand: Blincon BB
Direction: Monthly Wear
Diameter: 15 mm (enlarging effect)
Color: Grey
Water Content: 42%

Design Packaging
As usual, the contact lens are in a standard packaging which is pretty common seen on the market. 
Just have a look at the design on the contact lens, the details are pretty lovely and it looks like a snow flake. 

Well, after wearing the contact lens, you can see one side of my eye look bigger (somehow). It is a pair of circle contact lens which make your iris to appear bigger than usual. Somehow the image below makes me weird. But I do love how the color appears on me. 

Here is a closer look on the eye with contact lens. Pardon me for the dirtiness of my eye, I'd put on mascara LOL. 

Rating : ★★★☆ 
Price : RM  38.00 
Brand : Blincon BB

☑ Affordable 
☑ Great to pair with heavy makeup
☑ Comfortable

☒ Eyes will feel very dry after 5-6 hours later
☒ Eyes will get irritated after 5-6 hours later
☒ The color is too unnatural

Jeng Jeng~ I have something cool for all of you. 
There is a RM 20 OFF for any order over RM 100

Head onto the website for a brand new shopping experience now

Or head onto the Facebook for latest updates~

Lastly, a picture of my big head. See, I got those kitty meow look or no? 
I do feel I look wild with this contact lens LOL. 

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