bloop Candy Lipstick 301 Review


Jeng Jeng Jeng, I am back with another review on bloop's product! 
This time I am going to review their Candy lipstick. 
Thanks to HiShop and bloop for giving me a chance to review on the lipstick as I don't have much lipstick to play with LOL. 
Anyway, I'd reviewed bloop LV Lip Gloss  last month and I have been using it since then. So do check out what is bloop LV Lip Gloss. 

bloop Candy Lipstick has a standard white and pink packaging. Unlike the usual fat and short packaging, this lipstick is slim and tall. 

The benefits of bloop Candy Lipstick

  1. Long lasting high saturated color
  2. Gives a hydrated, plump and vibrant color look to the lips

Well, I have yet to find out whether it is hydrating or long lasting but here you can see, it is slim and tall. 

bloop Candy Lipstick comes in 9 shades, from code 301 to code 309. 
I was given a lipstick with code 301. I sort of loving the little small heart shape there LOL. 

The color on skin looks like this. It gives a sweet fuchsia pink but not a vibrant fuchsia pink. 

Here is a before and after applying bloop Candy Lipstick. 
The lipstick isn't giving a matte finish look on the lips. Instead, the lipstick gives a glossy shines look and hydrates the lips at the same time. My lips, look plump or no? Or maybe chewable? LOL
However, do prep your lips before applying any lipstick for better effect. 

I did a test to find out whether the color will fade after being wiped on a tissue paper. 
Apparently the color did not fade and still gave a sweet pink look. So this lipstick passed the test on long lasting high saturated color. 

Be afraid when you drinking on a white cup LOL. The stain was obvious and visible after few tries of "kissing" on the cup. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Price: RM 38.00
Product Brand: bloop
Where to Purchase: HiShop / bloop
Verdict: Not bad. I do like the pinkish lips on me and nevertheless, the color stays after being wiped off with tissue. I love lipsticks with moisture effect because I have chapped lips. This color isn't those vibrant fuchsia pink but a sweeter and girlish look. I would suggest to  wear it for dates because the color really looks cute on the lips. 

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Tada~ The final look with bloop lipstick. An innocent dolly look maybe?

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