For Rosy on Fairness Journey by L'Oréal Paris'


I am introducing you my lovely BFF, Ms Rosy.
Don't jealous hor, I have a super pretty lady as my best friend. 
Here is a little introduction on my newly found BFF, Rosy.
Rosy is a lovely, friendly and confident modern lady who loves makeup and fashion. She loves pink to the max especially her pink heels. 
Yeap, the picture you are seeing here is Ms. Rosy. 

Do you know why Ms Rosy and I are BFF? That is because both of us share the same interests like every pair of BFF does. We can't live without our phone and we love heels! (though heels are killers too). We love lipstick with outstanding colors and we love skincare that does magic to our skin.

Rosy and I got attached to social media so much that we could not live without it. Rosy always checks on her friends' updates and aware of hot news around the world. Well, to get to the conclusion, she is a social media freak like me. Do follow her on the platforms below, you will see she is everywhere in the corner LOL. 
Facebook & Instagram: #rosyfairness
Chat room: Rosy Fairness

Apparently Rosy loves her family very much, like I do. She loves spending her leisure time with her family as they are always her pillar for every tough decision she has to make. She has another two BFFs too. Rosy said her BFFs are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. 

You know la, being a girl will be searching her best skincare at all times. I have been searching for the best skincare for my skin though I am satisfied with my current one. After I've met Rosy and I realized she has flawless and yet rosy fair skin. 
Rosy then shared her secret with her on her journey to achieve rosy yet fair skin. 
Tada! L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect range is her secret for rosy fairness. This is a whitening skincare range with a new patented formula. 

L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect range contains Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone.
Rosy explained these two main ingredients contained in the L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect range.

Rosy then revealed her 4 simple steps on her daily skin regime with L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect range.
1. Cleanse your face.
Cleansing is first important step in your skin care routine as it helps to remove dirt and impurities from your skin. L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect Milky Foam is Rosy's favourite cleanser. It forms a milky texture with the mixture of water droplets. 

2. Tone your face.
Toning is a step for you to prep the skin for better absorption of next skin care products. Another good point for using toner is to remove the excess dirt or oil which you can't wash away with cleanser. 

3. Use essence for better penetration. 
One of the important step of achieving rosy and fair skin is to use L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect Double Essence. The new formula of this essence helps to lighten skin tone and dark spots, having the skin to appear more radiant and smoother. 

4. Moisturize your skin
Feeding water to your skin is important to keep it hydrating at all times. L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect Day Cream provides long lasting hydrating effect and protect the skin against harmful UV rays with its SPF 17/PA++. This day cream has a thicker texture compared to night cream however, it would not leave a oily feel after application. 

During night time, do not forget to hydrate your skin too. Apply L'Oréal Paris' White Perfect Night Cream before sleeping time can helps on tightening pores and reduce the appearance of dark spots and freckles. The active ingredients within the night cream provide better repair and rejuvenation to the skin at night. 

It is impressing whenever I compared my skin before and after I apply the products. You can see my super dry skin at the top while the bottom one is the skin after applying the products. My skin is glowing now LOL!

I started my rosy fairness journey and soon, you might be seeing a glowing Jennifer walking around LOL. Nah, just kidding. Just want to let you know that being a BFF with Rosy is so much fun! She even does her giveaways too! 
Just a simple photo contest will get you to win prizes from Ms. Rosy~ 
Remember, always tag #rosyfairness for your photo and stalk in Instagram!

Till then people! 

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