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How many of you are having beauty drinks to maintain your inner and outer beauty?
I've been hearing some of the brands such as Fairy Beauty and Kinohimitsu, which receive positive feedback from most of the customers. I am skeptical with all these beauty drinks because I am afraid of its side effects. But after a month trying on HGC by V-Gen, I thought of giving beauty drinks a try in my daily routine.

Thanks to Salina & Associates PR, I got to try out HGC by V-Gen. I was given a box of HGC for review purposes.

What is HGC?
HGC is a potent skin care supplement where by the letters HGC stands for Hyaluronic Acid, Gluthathione and Vitamin C. The skin care supplement contains the following main active ingredients:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid to provide continuous moisture to the skin
  2. Glutathione for skin lightening effects and act as a powerful anti-oxidant 
  3. Vitamin C to act as a great source of anti-oxidant

Benefits of HGC (Source)

  1. Lighter, fairer and firmer skin
  2. Improved smoothness, suppleness and moisture content of the skin
  3. Reduced fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots
  4. Healthier and better joint functions
  5. Enhanced nail and hair growth
  6. Improved liver detoxification functions
  7. Stronger immune system
  8. Higher energy level and mental alertness
  9. Reduced risks of diseases caused by free radicals such as premature ageing, diabetic complications etc

A box of HGC contains 30 sachets and it is advisable to be taken in before meal.
The sachets are packed individually so worry not with any unhygienic factors.
There are 30 sachets in a box so it can probably last for a month if you are consuming it at the routine of one sachet per day.

I would normally consume one sachet on daily basis before my breakfast. I mixes the powder with a glass of room temperature water. It has no sweet taste but a slight sourish Vitamin C taste, so worry not for weird taste.

Here is a before and After picture to show on my skin condition.
The "Before" image has no contact lens while the "After" image shows contact lens.
As you can see, I have rather a sensitive skin especially on my cheek and forehead. The pores are slightly larger at these sensitive areas. After one month consumption of HGC, my skin has improved a lot and showing lesser signs of sensitive issues. My dark circles are getting better too.

The time taken to see the results can be very subjective and depending on individual's body reaction towards the HGC. There are also external factors such as sun exposure will indirectly affecting on the resulting the best result within expected time frame. It is lucky for me to see the results within 3 weeks time as I can feel my skin is becoming more supple and hydrating. However, it is a little hard for me to see any whitening effect because I am a little fair to begin with, plus I had been exposing myself under the sun LOL. Anyway, I love the slight sourish Vitamin C taste because it reminds me of some Vitamin C drinks when I was younger.
HGC is priced at RM 228 per box and I think it is reasonable because it can do so much wonders to the skin. Unlike some beauty drinks I've encountered, those drinks are just providing solutions specifically targeting on your ski n problems.

You can get HGC via the links below. Do check out on their latest promotions too.
Official Website
Facebook: V-Gen

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