Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia 1 Utama Boutique 1st Birthday Party


Just a week before October started, Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia in One Utama celebrated its first Birthday Party with September babies. 
Thanks to Kah Mon for invited me and its time for picture story telling time!

Just look at the girls. They were busy taking photos on the Birthday cake. 

Here is a closer look on the birthday cake. Cute isn't it? I love the Cha Cha Tint design up there. 

There was a magic show for the birthday celebration. 

Then he kept on pulling out the  white "tissue paper" from the mouth. 

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia launched Benefit Gimme Brow on the Anniversary day too. 

So here are some benefits of wearing Gimme Brow:
Brows  look fuller
Long lasting
Natural look
Smudge Proof

Here is the demonstration picture of Gimme Brow on Kah Mon.

The left side of her eyebrow is not done while the right eye brow was filled with Gimme Brow. 
Her right side of her face looks more defined than the left one. 

The bloggers also had the opportunity to try out Benefit signature eye brow waxing service.

Here are some of the Benefit Cosmetics with lovely packaging. I love their uniqueness and the vintage yet lady feel on the packaging.

Perfumes with vintage packaging.

Eyeshadows with cupcake-look-alike packaging. They look lovely aren't they?

The bloggers were served with delicious delicacy. 
The tarts were good.

Strawberries with coated chocolate. 

Once again, Happy Birthday to September babies! 
I bet most of you girls are enjoying the birthday gift from Benefit now (I ish jelly with September babies)~
Thank you for the invitation!

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