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If you are following me on Instagram (Yes, I have an  Instagram now LOL), I have been spamming quite a lot of photos during last weekend. Oh yes, I went for a trip with the Butterflies! Well, Butterflies are the selected blogger for a Getaway in The Lost World of Tambun. I joined a blogging contest by Butterfly Project Malaysia last month and yay! I won myself a FREE trip to Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh. 

If you are wondering how would I look like with my specs? TADA! My favourite specs at the moment lol.
By the way, the one beside me is Kah Mon, if you all are still unfamiliar with this face.

This is actually my first trip to Ipoh and the fun part was, I got to go with my friends! Didn't I tell you trip with friends are the best?
Thanks to ETS (Electric Train Service) Train Malaysia, all the bloggers got to experience themselves with the upgraded service along the journey to Ipoh.  This is my first time taking ETS Train to Ipoh and I was in a Gold Class Service train~ There are two types of services available, Silver and Gold Class. Gold Class trains take 2 hours 15 minutes between KL and Ipoh, stopping at 6 stations; Silver Service trains take 2 hours 30 minutes, stopping at 14 stations. 

Now let's see how big the group was. Tada! Can you spot me in there?
This is the interior design of ETS train. So the girls were excited in the train though most of them were sleepy. 

ETS trains stand out from others because there is a small canteen available for the customers. 

The small canteen serves Ramly Burger, sandwiches, Nashi lemak and fried mee hun, so worry not you will get hungry during your journey to Ipoh. 

It was a two hours journey to Ipoh and for this two hours of time, the girls were given lots of surprises from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. TEEHEE, I am not going to reveal the surprises yet. 

I was lucky because I was arranged to sleep in the same room with Kah Mon. You know hor, staying in the same room with this girl can really make me go crazy LOL. Thought we didn't do any crazy stuff but some funny moments did happened. Nah you see, she held her stick wrongly. 

After 2 hours of butt-hurt-journey, we reached! The scene is as promising as it seems in the Facebook. The Halloween themed background you see, is the upcoming event for October at Lost World of Tambun. Now, are you able to stalk me?

We were then being brought to our hotel rooms and of course, I am very excited to see our room. 
The Lost World of Tambun Hotel is located opposite of the Playground so you would not be able to miss it. The distance between these two places a 5 minutes so just do some exercise there. 

The main lobby is super huge, with simple yet comfortable interior design. There is a waiting area at the end of the lobby so don't worry there isn't any place for you to rest while waiting for check-in.

This is a waiting area at middle of the hotel. This place is quite far away from the main lobby so if you would like to wait for your friends to arrive at the same block, do meet up at this area. The "Ranger" there is willing to assist you and clear your doubts too. 

Now the crappy part is finish so let's get going to the hotel room.
The moment I walked into the room, I realized a cabinet like this. There is a safe storage available if you are insecure to leave your important belongings in the room. Two towels and two bathrobes are hanging nicely in the cabinet, ready for the customers to use them. 

Beside the cabinet has a small cabinet with a wall mirror.Basically you can take your outfit of the day picture there. Yeah, you can see the reflection of toilet bowl there LOL. The toilet was super nice and I felt like I am home again. It is hard to find a toilet that gives you a back-to-home feeling lol. 

Scroll down fore more pictures on the hotel room.

The bed was super comfortable and I felt asleep as soon as I got myself to the bed. The comforter was so warming and I love it~

Links on The Lost World of Tambun

Ok, here is the end of my post.
Actually there will be more about my trip to the Lost World of Tambun but I am lazy these days LOL. Worry not my dearies, I am putting this picture up as a sneak peak.
Beauty /Bag dedicated for the trip to Lost World of Tambun.

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