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Sorry for delaying my post but I am going to make myself hardworking today, for writing you my experience at Lost World of Tambun.
You might have seen my Instagram photos about Tambun trip and you might read my first post during the journey to Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh. 

Though we went there at the end of September, The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park has been decorated to prepare for Halloween season. 
Tada, a clearer photo on our ooutfit of the day.


The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park has a similar concept with Sunway Lagoon, however the main attraction in this theme park is the Hot Springs & Spa. I am going to tell about the spa experience in the following post because this one, will be filled with pictures taken in Theme Park. 

1st Stop: Kepura Cafe
Kepura Cave is build for a special concept to held meetings, event and conferences. 
The venue is a limestone cave and it can be decorated according to client's requirements. 
Shall we see how unique it was prepared for the Butterflies?
Here is an overview of Kepura Cave. I love the concept of having meetings or conferences in a cave, it gives an anticipation kind of feeling for the upcoming announcements from the organizer. 
Our lovely Mama-Chan, Tammy is giving her speech and a briefing on our agenda of the day. 
 2nd Stop: Tiger Valley
Apparently there are 5 Siberian tigers named Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian at the Tiger Valley. I only managed to capture one because the rest were missing themselves and sleeping somewhere to avoid the hot sun. At certain times, there will be tiger performance and you will get the chance to see their wildness. 

3rd Stop: Lost World Petting Zoo
This is one of my favourite moments during the trip. We were allowed to touch, feed and  play with the tamed animals. The Petting Area has different stations and the animals were kept as though they are in wildlife. I too tons of pictures in the Petting Zoo because these animals are so adorable ❤. 
Here is a picture of a raccoon shaking hand with one of the bloggers.I have never see a raccoon in real life before and this is too cute!

There is a area named Serpentarium for you to discover different types of snakes. I'm pretty sure this is Nia the Python, because it is the fattest and longest snake among of all the snakes I've seen in the Petting Zoo. 

And then, there is a place for you to catch all the birds, I mean get close to the birds. This is le Turkey from North American. I could not stop laughing when I first saw it because it looked so grumpy. It has a sloppy beak lol. 

You can pet a peacock too. The only different between a peacock and a bird is its weigh. The peacock is heavy though, and I'm not quite sure painful if the claw accidentally scratches you. 

This is a Love Bird and it has to be the most "manja" bird in the world. This bird loves to snuggle whenever it can. 

Behold! This is le amazing Porcupine which loves to eat carrot. 

This is Timorensis Deer, and I was afraid my finger will be eaten by dear deer. I had a bad experience feeding animals when I was younger.
This is the first time for me to see a term "Longkang Fishing." There is a small pond for your to catch and release the fishes back to pond for no reason. Those tiny fishes aren't to catch as easy as you think. 

4th Stop: Lost World Tin Valley
Tin Mining in Peninsula Malaysia was practiced for hundreds of years and Ipoh was one of the active areas during the tin-mining's prime in the mid-19th century. This is where the visitors get to learn about Ipoh Mining experience. "dulang washer" activities and see the real artifacts from the past.
The transportation used during that time was elephant.

I forgot the name of this uncle, but he is the demonstrator for "Dulang Washer" activities.
One would need to twirl the the sand out with the help of water. The leftover should be only tin ore after the twirling process. It was a tiring process because I was the last to complete the task LOL. Fail to become a "dulang washer".

5th Stop: Dulang Tea House
After all the tiring twirling activities, we were brought to Dulang Tea House for a break.
Though it was tiring, the snack and drinks were awesome! It reminds me the "mamak" style food and drinks when I was younger. We were having Biskut Lutut and Telur Ayam Kampong as our snack.

There was a corner for the visitors to have a closer look on the different types of tin ores.

After the tea break we had a treasure hunt activity. Basically we ran around the Lost World of Tambun to snap photos with each station. I shall skip the details on the treasure hunt activity because I will be writing on my experience on each stations~ We had time for free & easy at the Theme Park and Water Park. So a few of us had decided to enjoy the activities at the Theme Park and Water Park.

6th Stop: Amusement Park
We sat the FIRST Roller Coaster ride in Perak, the Lupe's Adventure.
We conquered the Storm Rider though it swings up high to 180 degrees.
We flied and enjoyed the wind to slap on our faces with Dragon Flight, cool huh?
If you are unsure where or what to play in Amusement Park, rest assure because Adventure Express will bring you to embark a adventurous journey in the Lost World of Tambun.
7th Stop: Waterpark
I'm lacking photos for Waterpark because neither of us brought the camera out when we were expecting to get ourselves wet.
My fouvourite part of all in the Waterpark is the Tube Raiders. Tube raiders is the longest inflatable tube ride in Malaysia with different sliders for the visitors to try on. You get to experience to slide down all the way from top to bottom in a dark tube, without knowing your way in front. Me and Kah Mon also tried the half closed and half opened tube and certainly, wasn't as fun as the closed tube.
Then a group of us decided to relax on the Adventure River as. Adventure River is the Longest Man Made River in the Malaysian Book of Record. There was a funny moment on Kah Mon but I ain't going to mention it here. Let's keep it a secret hehe. We missed out the moment for the water to splash on us from top while we are floating on the Adventure River.
8th Stop: Swan Lake
I have been wanted to ride on this thing for such a long time! And at the end I still get no chance on riding it~ You get to ride the on the swan boat and you can feed the swans too.

9th Stop: Lost World Team Building Park
Unfortunately, we did not have any schedule to carry out activities in the Team Building Park. It is located near the Tin Valley area. Though we could not experience the fun in the team building park, but just looking at these activities, I am trilling to try them on already.
Ok, I think my post is getting too long with all the pictures. Anyway, do hop onto my Facebook Album for more images. Coming up next , I will be sharing my first hot spring experience at The Lost World of Tambun Hot Spring & Spa.

Amusement Park Operating Hours:
  • Monday - Friday : 11:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM - 6:00PM
  • School & Public Holidays 10:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Park CLOSED every Tuesday except during Malaysian School & Public Holidays
Ticket Price:
  • Adult RM 48.00 nett per Person 
  • Children RM 41.00 nett per person
  • Child below 90cm in height Free of Charge (FOC)
  • Group package is available with minimum number of 30 persons and advanced booking is required. 
  • Ticket price inclusive access to Amusement Park, Water Park, Tiger Valley, Petting Zoo, Tin Valley, Lupe's Adventure and Hot Springs & Spa
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Disclaimers: Some of the images were taken by I Am Studio and Lost World of Tambun

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