RO2 Monster Summoning System


I guess the only reason I am still playing with this game is due to the friends I made throughout the days. 
RO2 is not a perfect game and in fact, it is a bug game with the intention of digging out money from the players. 
Oh well, sometimes I just had to admit MMO games die faster if the game publisher has poor management. 
Now back to the topic, I am introducing the monster summoning system in RO2. 

The monster summoning is quite lame (in my opinion), because you would just need to summon a monster to anyhow attack or do not attack the monster you would want to kill. The summoning system allows you to collect the monster (like a Pokedex) and thus, consisting monster who will provide you buffs, debuff on enemies or attack on the monsters. 

Click ' [ ' symbol on your keyboard and a small window named "Monster Summon Collection" will pop out in your game interface. 
So far, there are 189 monsters you can collect by killing and obtaining DNA fragment dropped from the monster. The more pet you have collected,, the faster cool down time for you to summon your pet to assist you. Oh yes, the pet summoning is a type of skill you can place on your skill panel. 
After the recent patch on adding in new monster to the summoning system , RO2 changed the system, which allows the players to have 30 seconds cool down time once they have collected 98 pets. So yeah, even though you have more than 98 pets, your cool down time will not decrease any further. 

How to Obtain the Monster?
Simple, just kill the selected monster and pick up DNA fragments. 
Once you have collected the desired amount of DNA fragments, right click on these fragments. 
The fragments will change into DNA piece A / T / G / C randomly. 

Once you have collected 4 DNA pieces of A, T, G and C, use DNA Binding Protein to create a complete DNA.
The blue words indicating how many proteins you would be needed to form the DNAs. 

Click on the "Combine" button and you will receive a DNA piece. 
Consume the DNA by right clicking on the DNA.
Do keep in mind, DNA fragments can be traded while a complete DNA could not not traded. 

Monster's Ability or Skill
In this case, I'm showing you the Mermaid pet. Apparently Mermaid has been a favourite of most DPS. 
You can check on the pet's skill by hovering your mouse pointer to the pet image. 
The Mermaid has the ability to debuff on the enemies by slowing and giving electric shock(DoT Damage) to the enemies. 

How to Level the Monster?
Unfortunately, the pet can only reach to Level 4. In order for you to reach the maximum level, just keep spamming to consume your DNA fragments. During the process of leveling from 3 to 4, one complete DNA only gives 0.5% of DNA experience. Hence, achieving to Level 4 requires double DNA experience. 

  1. Instead of hunting the bosses, go to the field map and kill the monsters. It is easier for one to collect 100 pets. 
  2. Eremes DNA (with stun ability) has been a necessity for one to join raid party easily. You can farm Eremes at Fortress of Sandstorm. Skip the monsters by running to Eremes. 
  3. In some dungeons, Willow Worker DNA ( with AOE healing) is needed to assist the healers. 
  4. Mermaid DNA has been a favourite of all DPS. Get a Level 4 Mermaid is hard but it is useful against the bosses and monsters. 
  5. Inverse of Ruins is favored by Priest and Sorcerer. Combination of Priest and Inverse of Ruin equals to AOE freeze while the combination of Sorcerer and Inverse of Ruin is giving constant double damage to enemies. 
  6. If you are very rich, get Vador or Moonlight Flower to level 4 as it is good for AOE damage. 
I prefer RO 1 Pet system. I prefer to have a pet follow behind me and then showing off cute emoticons. It is more fun to tame a pet then raise and level the pet accordingly. Another fun thing about those normal pet system is that you can feed the pet and teach the pet with unique skill. It is much more interesting to name the pet yourself and then, have the pet to equip with imba armors and weapon. I honestly wish this kind of pet system exist in RO2 rather than the monster summoning system. 
Gravity, would you please bring back or create an interactive pet system rather than this lifeless summoning system?

Till then, hope the upcoming Guild War is as fun as Dragonica.

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  1. Can you tell me about the mermaid DNA i mean where can i got most drop for the DNA??


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