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Hello peepo! It's going to be Monday tomorrow (again) but I am so excited to share you my Talika Workshop experience with you. I've been hearing positive feedback from my friends about it as they are using Talika products.
My date of the day is Kah Mon (as usual), and both of us wore almost the same outfit without telling each other what to wear. See, our channels are connected perfectly hor?

The workshop was held at Caffe Giono, Isetan KLCC.
It was a relaxing place for a hi-tea session.

The demonstrated products are Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy line. The black one are the anti-aging line while the white one are the brightening line. I've been reading reviews from a couple of friends and the products are receiving positive feedback.

Talika has been specializing in treating the skin with light waves, hence Talika launched the Light Therapy Program. According to Talika, differenct light waves responded differently to specific skin concerns.

This is the main attention for the workshop: Light 595 Duo. Light 595 Duo is the first therapy program for youthful skin as the emitted Light 590 (Orange Light) can help on anti-wrinkles by boosting collagen and skin elasticity. On the other hand, Light 525 (Green Light) can help on anti-pigmentation by regulating the melanin synthesis and brighten up the skin.

[ How to Use It ]
  1. Slide the cover to your preferable lights. 
  2. Position the device 3 cm from the area to be treated
  3. Turn on the device
  4. Let it works on its own. (Orange side = 45 seconds; Green side = 1 minute)

Talika has been experts in growing hair on eyebrow and eyelash. Talika Lipocils Expert has been receiving positive feedback from a lot of bloggers with its promises on darker and fuller eyelashes and eyebrows. I don't think I will need this because I have thick eyebrows like Shin-Chan's eyebrow LOL.

The cream used on the hand is Anti-Aging cream from Photo-Beauty Therapy line.
The device used is Cream Booster.
Using Cream Booster helps on better penetration of active ingredients to the skin with its gentle vibration ability. While the device is pushed lightly onto the skin, the device will emit orange light (590 nm), which has the ability to activates the cells to behave like young cells again.

This could be alternative face primer if you think Benefit POREfessional is too dry for your skin. 
Talika Skin Retouch can be applied on the face, hands and neck to create flawless skin instantly by concealing wrinkles, fills in fine lines, brighten up the skin tone and reducing imperfections.  
My skin did look smoother and more even after applied it to the face. Another saying of applying this product is: You do not need Photoshop for your skin anymore. 
However, it is a little pricey compared to Benefit POREfessional, which is RM 162 for 30ml. 

Thank you Rebeccah  Ong for the hard work during the workshop. Her secret to achieve flawless and young skin are the Talika products itself. Oh gosh, her skin is like baby skin, smooth without any blackheads wtf.

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Sometimes, this woman is weird. She will appear as weird as possible in my photos and I will look as weird as possible in hers. 

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