Tea Party with Ms Rosy @ Angelic Tea & Scones House Sri Hartamas


Remember a while ago I was introducing you my new BFF? She is Ms. Rosy and I can assure you that she wanted to befriended with you as well. 

I met up with Ms. Rosy a few couple of weeks ago and I was nervous about it. This was my first time meeting Ms Rosy. It was really an awkward moment when both of us met each other because she was so fair and I could not spot her existence, until Kah Moh took picture with her then I realized she was just standing next to me. 
During a presentation of L'oreal White Perfect Range, Ms Rosy made her first appearance to us and look at the crowd, the girls were so excited of her appearance. Ms. Rosy shared her secret to become a lovely girl with healthy skin. 
On a side note, if you are wondering where is Angelic Tea & Scones House, it is at Sri Hartamas. It is a lovely place for BFF to meet up and having girl's talk for the whole day. 
The interior design is all in vintage rosy theme, which is perfect for girls' hangout place. 

That teapot! Reminds me of a joke of Amelie lol. 

Angelic Tea and Scones House at Damansara serves vegetarian food and it is halal. Muslim friends worried not, you can enjoy the food here too. I just love how everything was served to us like I am a Noble Lady. *likealady*

The green patch at the right side was vegetarian mushroom. Not sure what kind of the sauce they made, the mushroom tasted awesome good. The puff was great too, it has become the must-eat-vegetarian-puff in my list now.

They served us breads with Hi-Tea tray. Do you see the triangle buns at the lowest tray? That is also one of my favourite sandwiches of the day. 

After having a contented high tea with the girls, we were allow to have a free and easy session with L"oreal products. 
There was a hair makeover session and this this is Kah Mon, looking at me fiercely.
Beside the hair makeover station was a makeup session, where you can play around with L'oreal makeup products such as the foundation powder, eyeshadow and lipsticks. 

A nail station was set up at a hidden corner whereby L'oreal's limited edition nail polishes were ready to be put on the nails. The nail colors are more towards on nude shades, except for the red one. 

Do you think everything has come to an end? 
Nah, don't rush to the end so quickly, we have a crafting session at the downstairs. 
There were flowers and accessories for the pretties to D.I.Y their head accessories. 
There was a portrait drawing session Mr. DWen. Too bad I wasn't lucky enough to have him to draw a cute version of me. 
As usual, a group photo to end this post.
This looks like a family portrait, agree? 

Everything about Ms Rosy
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Remember to check out Mr. Rosy's secret for her rosy and glowing healthy skin!

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