MIVVA November BFF Sleepover Kit


November is Movember month~~~~~~~
I felt happy because MIVVA is treating me with so much love!
I never thought to receive November beauty kit but I was surprised to receive my parcel on a Saturday morning.
It is one of my favourite moment to unpack the parcel to see the surprises in it.
MIVVA surprised me with a BFF Sleepover Kit and this reminds me of those fun memories. 
Well, I remembered my last BFF sleepover was during my high school and it was fun! We don't play with the mani and pedi, instead we spent our night by sharing our little dirty secrets to each other.
Argh, I am missing those days already....
Anyway, let's have a look what's inside the BFF Sleepover Kit~

Facial Essence Collagen Mask RM198.80 for 15g
Contains Hyaluronic Acid and botanical extracts in the mask, which ensures the skin to be moisturized at long period of time. Collagen is another main ingredient to make the skin more elastic and healthier.

I had my mom to be my model LOL.
She was comfortable with the scent and the cooling feel when she is having her mask.

ONL Dermost Moistay Cream RM144.90 for 60ml (White sachet)
ONL Dermost Moistay Fresh Gel Cream RM144.90 for 60ml (Blue sachet)
I did not try on the Moistay Cream yet because I wanted to try on the Fresh Gel Cream. It It is hydrating and the gel cream contains 100% spring water as the base ingredients. The skin will feel bouncy and doesn't leave an oily feeling.

Neula 5 in 1 Oil Control Face Lotion RM22.90 for 30ml
The RM20 Gift voucher is available for any purchase at Antipodes products, I slotted in at the wrong photo and I am too lazy to retake the  photo LOL. Sorry leh fellow friends, sometimes taking pictures is a hassle task.
I am trying this currently because there are some breakouts these few days. So far I am loving the Tea Tree scent. It is in watery white texture, keeping the skin moisturizes at all times. Two pumps from the bottle is enough to cover the whole face. In fact, I prefer bottles with pumps because I feel it is more hygienic than you scoop the cream from the container.

Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream RM149 for 120ml
This cream will have your skin to be in dewy finished with berry scent.
It is easy to glide on the skin and doesn't leave an oily feel.
It is suitable for all skin types at all ages.

STAGE  Nail Color RM35
Parden for my nail because I don't have nice nails LOL.
Anyway, the color is a slight dull purple and it dries up quickly to a glossy finish. 


Personal Favourite
Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream. I love it because it is in a travel size bottle, which allows me to keep in the bag and to be used whenever I wanted to. I love the berry scent with free oil residue on the skin. Nevertheless, this cream moisturizes the skin at longer period of time and gives the skin a dewy finish look. 

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