Santa Hermo & The Butterfly Project for Christmas List


Dear Santa Hermo,
I'm being a good girl this year.
I've learned so much to become a better blogger through Butterfly Project Malaysia;
I've gained more than I need in my new working environment;
I've taken good care of myself and appreciate the goodness of food;
I've came to understand the value of trust in the blogging community;
So Santa Hermo, please treat me good on this coming Christmas. 

I wish Santa Hermo is able to give me a surprise on the Christmas as I am in need, or want these surprises badly. 

Ever wonder how those Koreans always with flawless and glowing skin? I bet Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish is the secret behind of these Koreans. I've always wanted to have flawless and glowing healthy skin like the Koreans and I found this! This product magically minimizes the pores, brighten up the dull skin and even provides long lasting moisturizing effect.   

I believe it is time for me to brush up my skill on drawing thick and straight eyebrows. Somehow I think the trending eyebrow shape is to be thick and straight so I am learning to draw better pairs of eyebrows. Miss Hana EyeBrow Auto Pencil is suitable for beginner on drafting out eyebrow and gives a natural result on the drawn eyebrows. 

Pssss. Santa Hermo told me a secret that Hermo is having Christmas Sales!

You see it! It's is Christmas Promotion at!
You know it's year end and  I know pretty much of us would like to "sapu" those good deals during Christmas Sales. 

With purchases from, you can get awesome deals such as: 
1. Worthy Gift Card
2. Spin to win awesome prizes Everyday
3. Super Valued Christmas Gift Set with up to 50% off discounts

I actually eyeing on these awesome products and thought of getting it at all times. Thanks to, I think I found a better platform to place my orders for these awesome products. 
Here are my recommended must-get products if you have the budget for yourself. 

Last but not least, thank you to The Butterfly Project and Santa Hermo for this awesome giveaway.

Butterfly Project Malaysia

Hermo Malaysia

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