WonderBox Bio-Essence V-Shape Face Celebration Party


Special thanks to WonderBox for having me to the launch of Bio-essence V Shape Face products.
It was held in the Ben's restaurant located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. 
Behold! Bio-essence came out with Royal Jelly + ATP V Face series.
Let me brief you a little on this series. 
As you might want to know, Queen bees are feed exclusively on Royal Jelly and this allows them to have 40 times longer life span compared to the worker bee. 
ATP on the other hand, stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP helps to supply energy to skin cells, which improves the micro-circulation for renew and repair the skin. 
These two active ingredients are added in the new series for Bio-essence products, becoming one of the new anti-aging products in the market. 

A simple introduction speech from the Bio-essence management team.  
A demonstration from the trainer on one of the bloggers. 

Here is the marvelous result after the trainer massaged her face. 
Her face was smaller for 11 degree wtf. This is like magic lol. 

High Tea before dinner. I love the truffles! 

Ok that is the end for the party LOL.
Ok~ Now let's get a closer look on Royal Jelly + ATP V Face series. Sound grand isn't it?
This series emphasizes 6 important steps for a skincare regime. 

#1 Cleanse your face 

Deep Cleansing Milk RM36.90 200ml 
This is the most important steps in a skincare regime.
A clean face is needed before applying extra ingredients to make the skin appear healthy.
It is a gentle makeup remover with rich texture. 

#2 Use a facial cleanser that suits your skin

Nourishing Deep Cleanser RM 26.90 100g
The scent is acceptable. It has a slight honey scent and gives a refreshing feel after using it.
It does not form much bubbles and I prefer this over the foamy cleanser. It has fine molecules which help to remove the dirt and oil that trapped in the pores. 

Nourishing Foamy Cleanser M 26.90 100g
This has the similar scent with Nourishing Deep Cleanser. It forms more bubbles. 

Here is a small comparison between the foam formed by Nourishing Deep Cleanser and Nourishing Foamy Cleaner.

#3 Exfoliate your face once a week 

Deep Exfoliating Gel RM75.90 60g
This is my love though the scent is a little weird. However, instead of having fine granules to exfoliate the skin, this gel is more gentle than the facial scrubs on the shelves. I've been loving to use exfoliating gel with no granules because I personally think the granules will eventually cause my pores to get bigger. 

I knew this is disgusting but here is the end result for using Deep Exfoliating Gel. These are the small flakes of the dead skin. The dirtier your face, the darker color for the flakes.

#4 Prep your skin before applying moisturizer

Deep Nourishing Toner RM 42.90 100ml 
Some people might skip toner and apply their skin care products after facial wash.
It is best for one to prep the skin with toners as toner helps the moisturizer or essence to penetrate better, compared to those without using toner.
It is a crystal clear liquid that does not make your face to become sticky.

#5 Gives your skin suitable Vitamins

Radiant Youth Essence RM 95.90 40ml 
The essence contains super rich anti-oxidant ingredients to protect skin against the harmful free radicals. The essence also hydrates the skin and works the best in cold weather where the air is dry. When first applied the essence on my hand, it was very oily however, the skin appears to be more radiant and hydrated than before. Apparently after 1 minute of application, there wasn't any oily feeling anymore.

#6 Moisturize your skin with suitable moisturizer

Face Lifting Cream RM115.90 40g
This is the start product for Bio-Essence Royal Jelly + ATP series.
To achieve a V-shape face, one needs to put efforts on massaging the face regularly. Massage the face with the cream in upward lifting motion. Eventually, your face will look smaller or rather to be said, a V-shape face.
Here are the 8 benefits promised for using Face Lifting Cream:

  1. Lift facial contours
  2. Firms sagging skin
  3. Reduces double chin
  4. Contracts pores and refines skin
  5. Reduces appearance of ageing lines
  6. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin
  7. Reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles
  8. Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm

Lastly, a picture of me with Jerine. Finally! Met her in real life lol.

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Disclaimer: Images with source link are taken from WonderBox Malaysia.

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